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Miserable Aether

I'm essentially
an entity
that's meant to be
filled with empathy
but entropy
has entered me, I'm twisted to the enth degree
a creature that has lost itself mentally
I've been fully
convinced that my species detrimentally
effects everything, but still I live on emptily
and you'll see
A reflection of hatred, to plant resentful seeds
nothing but the worst is ever sent to me
I look upon every decision regretfully
and every human that I've ever seen as an enemy
using psychological weaponry

These are the things you'll find inside my brain
My mind tortures me because it's too used to feeling pain
my very thoughts create my chains
dwelling on the negative is why I can't evolve or change

Society is too ill
humans use the word "humane" like there isn't a huge hill
of dead creatures you killed
Humans kill everything, including each other, and most take the blue pill
cause' the truth will
make you feel like a zionist jew shill

Humans are disgusting nasty hypocritical creatures
with pitiful features
from conservatives to liberal leechers
they all have flat chests and minimal weeners
and fall for the same tricks by different political leaders
I'm Miserable Aether
I'm a lower version of myself, a cynical speaker
clinical need for
medication, but not the kind designed specifically for
making you a docile pussy juice excreter
who thinks and acts like all the other useless eaters

I'm a paradoxical threat
Humanity isn't logical yet
I want to put needles through my optical set
so I can't see the demonstrable wreck
that's become of this species of prodigal pests

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