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Battle Field 3 Modern Warfare 3
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Modern Warfare 3 or Battle Field 3

Battle Field 3

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Modern Warfare 3

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I would go with Battle Field 3 because

1) It is more realistic.

2) Online gameplay allows more interaction.

3) Destructive maps ( allowed to damage geographical objects such as wall, fences, etc.

4) The campaign mode doesn't give you a fake cinematic feel it makes you feel like your actually fighting a war.

5) Allows vehicle use such as tanks, helicopters, jets, etc.

Side: Battle Field 3
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I love BF3, Although MW3 has stepped up their game a little bit, BF3 has the jets, helicopters, boats, tanks, jeeps etc etc. It just makes the game that much more fun. But on top of that, you can choose to play CoD style by not having the vehicles (soldier mode i believe it was?)

The epic and massive maps make it exciting, and the sniping uses that much more skill due to the gravity on the bullets. When i head shot someone in BF3 i get a bigger sense of achievement than when i get one in CoD. Granted, i used to LOVE CoD, until BFBC2 came out, BF3 is just amazing imo.

But to one his own right?

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I have both, and I don't really like the multiplayer of battlefield 3. it was fun at first, but i got pretty tired of it pretty fast.

what sucks is that i missed the deadline to get 30 bucks for it at gamestop, so now i'm just stuck with it until gamestop offers another good trade in deal.

Side: Modern Warfare 3

I have both and MW3 is just better. I never really played shooters till this year. But BF3 is sort of boring. People are so ridiculously far away that it takes forever to find them and most of the time you are being killed by some sniper hiding so far off that you can't even see him. While MW3 on the other hand is all close range combat so you can find people real quickly resulting in instant fun.

Side: Modern Warfare 3
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I would say Modern Warfare 3 because it was awarded the best shooter at the VGA and its a lot better. Also the only reason why Battlefield 3 came out was because it wanted to beat Modern Warfare 3

Side: Modern Warfare 3