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Most people that have power mostly makes laws/rules that will mostly benefit themselves

please give you reasons because if you don't really have any real reasons to have a side there is hardly anything to debate with.


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Duh.. Because they have power and that is why they they would use it to to benefit themselves... Why wouldn't they?

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For instance, Kim Jong-un is a tyrant who makes laws only to appease himself.

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Duh!!! Lets see if had the power, I'd make laws that are no benefit to me. Yep that's what I'd do.

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In times gone by if two people were charged with the same crime the severest penalty went to the one who should know better, usually the more educated and/or wealthier

In law the rule is that we are innocent until proven guilty whether we have more power or not. however the wealthier we are the better we can defend ourselves.

Laws and rules are made to benefit the majority, i.e the greater good, however whether these are moral and ethical decisions that benefit society as a whole is always debatable and why we have High and Supreme Courts to determine if they discriminate against an individual or part of society.

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