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 Most things supported by the Left stem from their intolerance towards Christians... (12)

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Most things supported by the Left stem from their intolerance towards Christians...

Let me give you some examples of the Left's erratic all over the place stances on issues, and where they come from...

1) The Left pretends to have all the compassion in the world when it comes to animals, baby seals, etc. etc., but when it comes to human babies, they support killing them all the way up to birth, for any reason! Why is that? It makes no sense at all!

Christians have always believed God's word, where he created animals for mankind's benefit, for food, etc. etc.
So the Left, in their non stop rebellion against God's word, decided to put animals on a par with man.

You would think a people who cared so for animals, would be outraged from abortions of even viable human lives. NO!
The Left has absolutely no compassion for our unborn children because they want to live the promiscuous lifestyles spoken against in the Bible, having no consequences for the unwanted babies created. People want to live opposite to God's moral standards, and rid themselves of the negative ramifications of such lifestyles.

2) The Left supposedly cares for the poor, but refuses to speak to the main causes of poverty and the breakdown in our families.
Again this stems from their rebellion of Godly moral standards lifted up in the Bible.

For Christians, the answer most times comes down to moral values. If you don't live promiscuously, you most likely will not get pregnant. If you do not abuse alcohol, you will not become an alcoholic. If you never take drugs you will never be addicted.

This is common sense wisdom, but the Left refuses to speak to the value of morality and the impact on broken lives. The answer to those on the Left never involves addressing the irresponsible behaviors creating broken families and broken lives. No, their answer always involves more social programs, free drug needles, more money spent bailing out irresponsible behavior, etc, etc., and it has little impact on preventing future instances of irresponsible behaviors.

Back 60 years ago there were far fewer broken families because society was not afraid of speaking out on the importance of moral values. The Left can't even describe what moral values are. To them it is like a dirty word. This all stems from their rebellion of God.
If the Left truly cared for the poor, they would not keep creating more failed social programs, but rather addressing the root causes of poverty. To the Left, it is always the rich man's fault for poverty, never personal responsibility.

3) Have you ever wondered about the Left's love affair with Muslims? Islam goes against everything the Left says they care about... women right's, Gay rights, etc. etc., so why the love affair?

It's because Islam hates Christianity. This is something both the Left and Islam shares in common.

I could go on & on about the Left's rebellion against Christianity and it's influence on their politics, but you get the point.
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One more example of the double standards on the Left and groups such as the ACLU. They have always claimed to care for the people'e rights and freedoms to express themselves however they wish...

So when it comes to Christianity, the ACLU and those on the Left have done all in their power to censor a community's freedom to display a simple nativity scene during holidays, etc.

When it comes to Christianity, the Left is all for a big Federal Government censoring religious freedoms of local communities.

It's all about rebellion against Christianity! If you can't see this, WOW!

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You claim it is the left which hates Christians, and the laughable irony is that nobody can disagree with you because you've banned literally every left winger from your threads. You are an intolerant bigot, a raging hypocrite and a grown man who believes in children's fairy tales. Talk all you want. Nobody is listening.

FromWithin(7235) Disputed
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As always, the people I ban resort to name calling, ridicule of Christians, and then complain about being banned?

LOL, are you people for real? I have explained over and over why I ban vulgar deceptive childish hateful people, AND YOU KEEP DOING IT! You just called millions of Christians idiots who believe in fairy tales.

You don't want to debate. You want to spew your hate for Christians.... go create another alias so you can get your one line of insults towards Christians. You just proved my entire debate.

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It's not so much that the left are anti-Christian, it's more a question of in their ramstam dash to display their politically motivated virtue signalling they are quite happy to show preference, and give priority to those of different religious faiths.

This shallow, self serving trait of the loony left politicians extends beyond religion and now encompasses, sexual orientation, skin colour, gender and ethnic origin.

Under the ''Jack Boot' of the loony left's sinister agenda straight, white christian males are at a distinct disadvantage.


It's truly a shame that the W.A.S,P S., white Anglo Saxon protestants are now second class citizens in the country which their were paramount in making the greatest nation on earth.

FromWithin(7235) Clarified
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The Left's fixation on sexual orientations, transgender disorders, etc. are just more examples of their desire to lift up anything and everything that goes contrary to God's order to life.

Most loving people have no hatred towards Christians. They look at the Left's fixation on LGBTQ agendas, and wonder why? Why are these Liberal's pushing so hard to condition our children's minds to unnatural sexual orientations?

We know it has little to do with discrimination or tolerance of diversity, because their tolerance is only afforded certain special interest groups. They want Gay appreciation days rather than simple appreciation days including all people. They must always single out their LGBT groups as being the only ones discriminated against. It's all politics and anti Christian bigotry.

Any loving parent understands that children are impressionable and should always be taught the natural scientific biological design of our bodies. The Left would rather our children be questioning who they are, if they are Gay or straight, even their gender!

This is insane and only shows how far the Left is willing to go to undermine the Christian faith. Make no mistake, this is a culture war between good and evil.

Goldtop(167) Banned
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I could go on & on about the Left's rebellion against Christianity and it's influence on their politics, but you get the point.

Yes, the point is you have created a rant based on lies, half-truths, ignorance and your own personal bias against people you hate that don't believe as you do. I would suggest taking inventory of your own values you believe are above others and reassess them because you do little more than show us as a blatant hypocrite.

You're welcome.