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What influence does music have on our lives ? Is it really a way to heal your soul or it is just a noise of and makes no sense? 
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Music has a far deeper psychological and physiological impact than is first thought, ever feeling stressed put on an album and feel relaxed after? Not coincidence and this has been studied and I quote ¨These findings provide neurochemical evidence that intense emotional responses to music involve ancient reward circuitry in the brain. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration that an abstract reward such as music can lead to dopamine release. Abstract rewards are largely cognitive in nature, and this study paves the way for future work to examine non-tangible rewards that humans consider rewarding for complex reasons.¨ and of course, we know the release of dopamine is the happy drug hence the positive impact that music has on the brain. Also ever noticed how people have different music tastes and how some find Nu metal relaxing while other find it annoying noise? This once again reiterates the connection that the brain and music have and how it is not just noise and has a more personal meaning that we first think of.