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My new top ten favorite rappers

10: MF DOOM (complex rhyme schemes but often raps nonsensically and incoherently)
9: BIG PUN (Excellent flow)

8: A-F-R-O (Can fit more rhymes in a single line than any other rapper)

7: PAPOOSE (general lyricism)

6: LUMINIFEROUS AETHER (This is literally me, I specialize in rhyme scheme and subject matter)

5: TECH N9NE (Masterful flow)

4: ANILYST (Prodigee introduced me to this one, he's got masterful rhymes and flow)

3: EMINEM (general lyricism at a masterful level)

2: CANIBUS (Master level rhymes, vocabulary and subject matter)

1: K-RINO (everything, especially when it comes to subject matter, puns and similes)


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Antrim(1302) Banned
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I would check out the C on your keyboard as it must be broken.


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I would rank anilyst top fourteenth in the world and we both like tech as well. The rest are too violent for me.

Em is same rank as for you as me. I mean he's equal to hop in my eyes.

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Factology(415) Clarified
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The rest are too violent for me.

That's equally valid as saying yours are too soft for me, in other words that has nothing to do with how good they actually are and is a completely arbitrary personal preference.

Em is same rank as for you as me. I mean he's equal to hop in my eyes.

Hopsin is pretty good at times but mostly he is boring to me because he doesn't often exhibit complex lyricism (which as I've explained before is NOT arbitrary personal preference as it enhances flow when executed properly and adds depth plus it is exactly what rap is meant for as it is specifically a lyrically inclined form of music)

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Mingiwuwu(1783) Clarified
1 point

Loving rap is an arbitrary preference.

Whatever you say, there's absolutely no way that you can genuinely be ranking k rino above em and lyst and expect me to take you seriously.

Tech turned into a supporting artist more than the main act so I can see why some may not admire him anymore but when he was a real rapper he killed it.

K rino is a poet with a severe case of egomania. You see, lyst, em and even hopsin do the egomaniac rap because it gets the guys like you and me pumped and feeling alpha male after hearing it. K rino makes me feel furious and violent and I prefer to feel on top of the world.

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Your Taste in Music Can Reveal How Smart (or Dumb) You Are

Fans of Lil Wayne‘s music scored the lowest in SAT while listeners of Beethoven‘s work were among the highest scorers.

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Mingiwuwu(1783) Clarified
2 points

The creator of this debate did not list Lil Wayne in his top ten. I must agree that Lil Wayne is not a good rapper unless the other artist helps him write his lines in a collab song.

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Right ming. We have two people interested in gangster rap on the site who aren't the same person...

Mingiwuwu = Factology

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Factology(415) Disputed
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You know what's funny? Not only is what Mingi said true (and like I said there is a huge variety in rap so there's no way you can make any blanket statement about rap fans) but other than rap my favorite type of music is classical music. So what if someone's two favorite genre's are the ones that are at opposite sides of the supposed spectrum you present?

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Riiiiiight. That's why you only present us rap. Not a classical piece yet.

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Those in Sweden love them some Anti-Semite Muslim Rappers !!!!!!!!! LMMFAO

Time to punk a Dummy !!!!!!!!!!!!! celebrating-diversity-560324

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