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 Myers-Brigg Personality Test: What is Your Personality Type? (2)

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Myers-Brigg Personality Test: What is Your Personality Type?

Take the Myers-Brigg Personality Test here:

Read some of your Personality Profile and post your result here.

You can find a great deal about your personal Personality Type through various resources on the internet articles as well as YouTube videos.

My results came back INTJ-A ("the Architect").  My exact stats were:

-52% Introverted

-67% Intuitive

-65% Thinking

-52% Judging

-80% Assertive 

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I am INTP-T "logician"

I = 99%





The description of my character traits and the strength of the results are very accurate.

I am definitely certain personality is a lot more fluid than we admit and that even total opposite transitions of types can happen if someone really wants to be the other type bad enough and puts their mind to it (will take a couple years but it seriously can happen).

I have fluctuated between the t vs f and p vs j in my life but for now the results say I'm INFP-A and yes it's true for who I am currently. I love who I'm becoming and may stay this way but I want to say right here that even if, despite fluidity, I remain this type my whole life, one quiz like this can never fully encapsulate me.

It can probably help a lot more with telling what I'm far from being (currently that's an ESTJ-T) but it can't truly pinpoint me and same goes for you.

No matter what this quiz tells you that you are. If I don't like the result ask yourself how to be the type you wish you were.