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 Negro Criminal shoots Negro Policewoman in Florida (14)

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Negro Criminal shoots Negro Policewoman in Florida

This is from Left Wing Reuters and we must notice that nothing is said about the skin color of either the criminal or the policewoman !

A man wanted for killing his former girlfriend fatally shot an Orlando, Floridapolice officer on Monday, authorities said, prompting a manhunt and a reward of up to $60,000. The suspect was identified as Markeith Loyd, 41, who was considered armed and dangerous.

Then you have this from the Left Wing AP

A massive manhunt was underway Monday in the popular tourist destination of Orlando as authorities searched for a man accused of shooting and killing a police officer.

The Orlando Police Department announced the death of Master Sgt. Debra Clayton on its official Twitter account Monday morning.

Oh how the news reporting would be different if it was a white man shooting a black cop in Florida ! 
When the narrative isn't there for Left Wing Media skin color is eliminated from the reporting of the crime ! 
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A black person killing another black person is not as interesting for news consumers as white on black. (See Chicago). The delivery of news has become a for profit business. Hence the less Interesting and event is, the more likely a news organization will ignore it. Just business. 💀

It has to be white on black; that's the sizzle and without the sizzle, there is no story.

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This story has the Left Wing Media in a State of Turmoil because skin color is involved in the story and Left Wing Media will at all cost avoid the mentioning of skin color !

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Police are searching for a male suspect who had a white neighbour living only three blocks away from his home for the killing of a police officer

The suspect has been described as having fat lips, 15 amp fuse wire like hair and fanned nostrils.

No other details about the suspect are available other than he had been observed occasionally buying goods from businesses owned by white people and going to various cinemas which were showing movies featuring white actors & actresses.

If you see a man answering the aforementioned description please inform the first black police officer you come across.

No big rush, just in your own good time.

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Got to say i like the 15 amp fuse wire hair but i do have a question how do they shampoo that.

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No one says "Negro" anymore. We say black or African American instead. Have more respect for black people.

-Yuri-(284) Disputed
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Negro means the same thing there bud people seek any kind of attack on the African american community and instantly want to show pity. grow up

Sitar(3683) Disputed
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Whatever. It is wrong to call black people negros because of the negative connotations...................................................

Amarel(2902) Disputed
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If you have a problem with someone for saying "negro" because it is an outdated term, you might be an insensitive ageist.

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So you want to make this story about colour? Go home leftist bore.

outlaw60(11077) Disputed
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What are you relating to with the nonsense you have typed ?