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New Islamic Decree: Lust for daughter not a sin? What?

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Notice how there is no link provided to the website your article is describing.

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It's not actually new. It's in the Quran. Child brides are normal in Islam, and so is incest.

ironskillet(220) Disputed
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Thank you for clarifying- I was not able to find a link in the articles for the verses in the Quran. Could you please specify which ones in response?

Thank you in advance.

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Typical bronto "debate": a link to an article or video with no actual argument being made. This is a debate site, not news

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Sounds like the answer of someone without an answer. So you support Islamic incest?

sylynn(626) Disputed
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An answer to what? Like normal, you didn't pose a question. You simply use this site as a way to post your own version of the news.


To answer the question you did finally ask, no I do not support incest (regardless of religion) but I do not believe it to be a sin since I obviously don't believe there is such a thing as sin.