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 Nom explains why Socialism is better than crapshitholeism (11)

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Nom explains why Socialism is better than crapshitholeism

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Total exports of UK beer grew by nearly £100 million in the last year, securing British brewers’ spot among the UK’s top five food and drink exports for the second year running – ahead of some of our most famous exports like salmon and cheese.

Capitalism must be a real problem there in the UK you uninformed Idiot !!!!!!!!

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Here are UK export companies ranking among the largest international trade players for the United Kingdom:

Anglo American PLC (diversified metals, mining)

AstraZeneca (pharmaceuticals)

BP (oil, gas)

British American Tobacco (tobacco)

GlaxoSmithKline (pharmaceuticals)

Johnson Matthey (chemicals)

Hello Dummy is that Socialism at it's finest ?????????

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Your too easy you idiot !!!!!!!!!

Mechanical machinery was the most valuable commodity with exports being worth 48.5 billion British pounds. ... By comparison, electrical machinery was the largest UK import commodity, with a value of 61.4 billion British pounds. Mechanical machinery and cars made up the top three of most valuable import commodities.

Can a Dummy Socialist deny the capitalism the UK needs ?????????????

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The service sector dominates the UK economy, contributing around 80% of GDP; the financial services industry is particularly important, and London is the world's largest financial centre. Britain's aerospace industry is the second-largest national aerospace industry.

Socialist can you explain again why you do not understand Capitalism ???????

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It’s correct that the US is the UK’s second largest trading partner after the EU, if you combine together the value of imports and exports.

America is also the UK’s second largest export market. It accounted for 19% of the value of UK exports in 2016/17, second only to the EU as a whole, which bought 44% of UK exports.

It's also the second largest import market in 2016/17. 11% of the value of our imports came from the US, compared to 53% from the rest of the EU.

Now tell me again how Socialism works ??????????

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Now this is a great read as to how Socialism is a failure !!!!!!!!!

Prime Minister Theresa May denied that the National Health Service was facing a crisis. “The N.H.S. has been better prepared for this winter than ever before, we have put extra funding in,” she said on Wednesday. “There are more beds available across the system. We’ve reduced the number of delayed discharges of elderly people who would otherwise have been in N.H.S. beds rather than in social care,” she added, referring to state-funded care.

But the scenes unfolding across hospitals in Britain paint a different picture.

Tuesday night, the emergency ward at Kingston Hospital in southwestern London looked more like an airport lounge than a hospital, with patients sprawled out in the waiting room.

“There’s no real system or order; it’s a jungle in here,” said Nancy Harper, who had accompanied her 87-year-old grandmother, who was lying down and complaining of excruciating pain in her lower back.

“It’s been more than five hours,” Ms. Harper said. “We get to the front of the queue and then someone more ill comes in and we get pushed back. It’s outrageous.”

Other patients said they had been turned away and referred to a pharmacy or general practitioner because their cases were not deemed urgent enough.

“I don’t even think I was seen by a nurse,” said Ali Elamine, who complained of acute ear pain. “Some helper just took my temperature, said it was normal and told me to go to my local G.P. in the morning.”

Many hospitals have asked that patients seek help from emergency rooms only for urgent or life-threatening matters.

More than nine million people at emergency wards in the 2016-17 fiscal year were sent home after receiving only guidance that in many cases could have been obtained from a pharmacist, the health service said in a statement on Tuesday.

And Jane Cummings, the chief nursing officer for N.H.S. England, said that millions of patients had missed hospital appointments last year, at a cost of almost £1 billion.

“With the N.H.S. coming under pressure as never before, we are asking patients and the public to use the health service responsibly,” she said, “to help ensure that care is readily available for everyone who needs it.”

Dr. Anu Mitra, an emergency physician at Imperial College Healthcare N.H.S. Trust, said that 70 years ago, as the country was recovering from the devastation of war, the health service had been the country’s “greatest gift.” But “awful days like today” are a result of a systematic dismantling of the system eight years in the making.

“Two years ago I’d have point blank refused to examine a corridor patient until they were in a cubicle,” Dr. Mitra said on Twitter early Wednesday. “On days like this it’s unavoidable, I’m ashamed to say.”

The extraordinarily high pressure has led to resignations. In December, Bob Kerslake, the chairman of the board at King’s College hospital in London, quit in protest over what he viewed as the government’s insufficient funding of health services.

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You're correct about unfettered capitalism leading to nations being shitholes. You're incorrect that proper socialist regimes ever are not shitholes, be it Cuba the former ruling system of Burma or oldschool China, there's a reason that the optimal system (IN ALL NATIONS) ends up being 'tamed capitalism' where there's enough pseudo-socialist policy in place to make the poor able to have healthcare, education, transport and also to have say in who leads to a greater extent than the rich via physical vote percentage. These are all essential to make the optimal society.

You will reply to the ending of the last paragraph preaching 'waa waa idiot Mingi, you don't know about Illuminati or how the rich rig elections'. Shut up kid, I am a conspiracy theory on levels that you anti-sheep sheep can't fathom. You are a sheep of conspiracy theories, you fall for some and choose irrationally to ignore others. I am telling you that I have looked strongly, to extreme detail into Illuminati and the logic behind how and why they work the way they do. They do not rig elections, they get kicks out of playing both sides. This is their secret, they profit off of defeat just as well as victory in their quest for worldwide tyrannical capitalism.

Then you find the Soros-type or Gates-type who are influencing a slightly less brutal capitalist future plan which is UN and EU dominated and is fairer on the poor so long as they bow before the powers that be.

Dreadnought(138) Disputed
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You're correct about unfettered capitalism leading to nations being shitholes.

"Unfettered" is just a word capitalists like to put in front of their favourite ideology to manufacture the myth that when capitalism leads to corruption, a large wealth divide and a hierarchy built upon economic power, that is somehow anomalous to what is supposed to happen. It isn't. That is capitalism doing its job.

AlofRI(2688) Clarified
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"Unfettered", uncontrolled capitalism is "doing its job". It has destroyed the middle class and expanded the level of poverty while building thousands of mansions, floating thousands of yachts, private planes and 500+ horsepower autos. All good, except the expanded poor level. There is not enough national treasure left to erase the un-educated, poorly fed, unhealthy people (including babies, FromWithin!).

Democratic socialism, (unfettered by conservatives), would work to level that playing field, while still allowing "somewhat controlled capitalism" and seeing that those with the money ACTUALLY paid their fair share of taxes while STILL getting richer, albeit at a possibly slower rate.

Mingiwuwu(1779) Clarified
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Do you think if you type it, that it becomes truer?

Dreadnought(138) Disputed
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there's a reason that the optimal system (IN ALL NATIONS) ends up being 'tamed capitalism'

The reason is that America won the Cold War. Winning a war doesn't make your ideas right.

excon(12386) Disputed
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Winning a war doesn't make your ideas right.

Hello D:

Capitalism isn't an idea.. It's not something that imposed and/or withdrawn.. People trade.. They can't HELP but trade. It's the DEFACTO way civilized people get through the day. You wake up and want some breakfast. You don't have any. Your neighbor does.. Without thinking, you'll come up with SOME way to TRADE with your neighbor so you can eat.. That's just the way it is.. You can't change that.. It's what humans DO..

I'm still waiting for you to tell me what a resource IS, how you get 'em and how you can use 'em to EAT..


Mingiwuwu(1779) Clarified
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America isn't quite there yet, nor close to it considering what Trump has done to the nation. It also is confusing correlation for causation when you say that.