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Nom says Hitler pretended to be a leftist. Who was he pandering to then?


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No one can fathom the depth of Noms insanity , the guy says the ideal version of a perfect Socialist state was .....wait for it ......Stalinism ...... Then he says Hitler was only joking when he said he owed Marx a huge debt and of course anyone who disagrees with the girl is a Neo Nazi or a government shill ....

The guy needs medical intervention at this stage

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Sherlock-(102) Disputed
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You can't even type in english and you want to diss the Nom? LOL.

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Red herrings against other site members won't help you here Nom. Do you need a reminder of the topic question, or were you intentionally avoiding it due to having no logical response?

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Jody(1240) Disputed
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Well spotted buddy I’m actually enjoying a few cold ones having a guffaw at your nonsense , but kudos on being stone cold sober and a typical serious Marxist .......that aside though you have no actual defence really to what I stated do you?

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