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Nomenclature gets his ASS KICKED HARD





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FactMachine this exact type of topic, along with the one linked to in the description, is the very reason why he laughs at you having cancer.

Think for a second about what you are doing emotionally to him when you make posts like this.

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FactMachine(431) Disputed
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Do you have any idea what you're talking about? The first time I ever met Nomenclature he did nothing but hurl insults at me right off the bat, I was even relatively civil with him for a while after he did it until I got completely sick of him.

You have no idea how much of a fucking self righteous jack ass almost everyone on this site is.

Nomenclature is nothing but ignorant witless scum who recycles the same insults over and over again and won't stop using the word "egregious" every day like it's his catch phrase.

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He did the exact same to me, so much so the admin of this site removed a huge chunk of the debate chain so I can't prove it. He then banned me from the debate where he abused me (it's the "Americans are gullible" one) and yet, I worked my way to become his ally.

In your profile, 'enemies' is people you made your enemy. 'Hostiles' is people who made you their enemy. Only me and excon are hostile to you, the rest you made your enemy.

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FactMachine, you are a sad little twerp who sits here all day posting idiotic baby language using a plethora of different pseudonyms. Unless you are going to tell me that by some vague mathematical coincidence two different people have been sending me the same private message: "GAY! GAY! FAGGOT! GAY! SPHINCTER HOLE!", you are also Syrnge and God knows how many other childish little trolls who frequent this site.

This morning you claimed you had cancer like that is somehow a form of comedy. Now I'm not saying you are the only person in the world who would find that funny, but I am saying that what you all have in common is retardation.

Side: I'm a little tea cup