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North Korea vs USA

In the event that the United States government or the North Korean government decides to declare war who do you think has the better numbers, firepower, resources and military genius?

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North Korea

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North Korea's massive army is completely local. They could never project power on the scale necessary to take on the US mainland. And their distance weapons, even if some make it through, are neither the quantity nor quality to take down such a large nation.

Granted, the US probably couldn't hold N Korea landmass. But who is asking them to do that? After the distance weapons are launched or destroyed on the ground it's just a matter of keeping the sawmill running on the border so their large enemy can't go anywhere.

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A single US Air Craft Carrier could utterly destroy North Korea. Now whether or not we should destroy is debatable. Is it moral to decimate an army and cities/towns of essentially innocent slaves?

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Given the factors you listed, the US probably "wins," but

The problem is that you listed all the wrong factors, and ignored significant parameters.

US diplomatic policy is not what it was under the apologetic Obama, nor of the previous two very soft presidents. This means that the US rules of engagement will not be those typically crafted particularly to disadvantage US military personnel.

This means that any US advantages in military technology will not be counteracted by defeatist policies.

The US economic and commercial capabilities are all broad enough and distant enough from the reach of most of the DPRK military capability that the majority of the US economy, and military industrial complex would be able to continue to function.

The DPRK does not have this advantage.

Whatever happens, Kim loses.

Any declaration of war results in the people of Seoul immediately losing, possibly to the tune of a million or more lives within the first day, and tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands in the following weeks.

The destruction of civil and manufacturing infrastructure could take decades to replace.

This last bit could be a big win for China due to competition over production and sales of consumer tech, but any war off their coast would be a significant hindrance to shipping, and might cost the Chinese economy billions of dollars.

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Alright, curious question is there a way to delete debates, I accidentally made another one for this so I would like to remove it

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Open your debate and see below the menus(New Deabate, Browse , Petitions, My profile etc...) another horizontal set of menus with blue background and included is the "Edit Debate" option.. select it, it opens a set of options included is the "delete debate"(what you look for), select that and thick three empty boxes you are given for confimation then submit(ok)………

that is it.

And i got three downvotes without an argument how??

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