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Not to speak is to speak... agree or disagree?


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If someone's atrocities are so high not speaking about is way of showing it is no way justifiable if that person is near by. The same way can be seen in the case of supporting atrocities. The silence implies we support it.

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Whatever you do 'says' something, regardless of whether you open your mouth. It is ambiguous though. Sometimes the only thing that not speaking says is that you don't know, or that you don't care about an issue. In that way I agree.

In the case of atrocities, as San mentioned, and as I think you might imply, I'm not so sure silence means that one supports it. Silence could just mean that people are too afraid to speak, and I don't think I can blame them for that until I've been in a situation like that myself. I don't know what it would have been like as a German speaking out in Nazi Germany about the holocaust for example, I won't blame anyone for keeping quiet about it.

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