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 Now let's get this straight, the Left wants to legalize hard drugs, but ban guns. WHAT? (1)

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Now let's get this straight, the Left wants to legalize hard drugs, but ban guns. WHAT?

Just more lunacy from Liberals in the Democrat party. They have been floating the idea of legalizing hard drugs for decades. This is how they operate.... they first get their foot in the door with marajuna, and then they start pushing their real agendas which is legalizing hard core drugs as well.
Now for decades they have been telling us all how drug laws do not work and can not be enforced, etc. etc. They tell us how it costs too much to enforce, blah blah blah, we've all heard their rhetoric.

Now lets switch over to gun control where their entire logic does a flip flop. When it comes to guns, all of a sudden we need more and more gun laws that can't and won't be enforced.  Criminals will still get their underground guns and the Black market will love Democrats as they loved prohibition and the laws against alcohol. We already have many gun laws on the books that are not enforced.

So you see, those on the Left have tunnel vision and are complete hypocrites when it comes to their agendas. Many on the Left in Hollywood, and Rich circles enjoy their drugs and hate paying so much for them and hate the fear of getting caught and paying fines, having a record, etc. etc. so of course they want to legalize it no matter how many Americans die from overdoses, addictions, etc.
No matter how many families are devestated from addiction, no matter how many jobs are lost and families forced to sign up for welfare.

But with guns, these same people have a self righteous anger every time there is a shooting. It's that dreaded gun, not the person using it they say. They say we MUST MAKE MORE LAWS PROTECTING THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! LOL, their phony so called compassion for other's well being is laughable. You see, they don't like guns, they don't use them so why would they care about the rights of Americans who do like guns for target shooting, protecting their families, hunting, etc.
Any person with an ounce of sense KNOWS that taking guns is the first step to Government control of the people. There in lies the real reason tht Democrats hate our gun freedoms. It's all about big Government controlling more and more of our freedoms. It's about ushering in Socialism and to do that, you first need to disarm the public.

Now the next thing you will hear from many on this site, is that they do not want to ban guns, they simply want to make more laws that are already not enforced. Gun control is ALL about getting their foot even farther in the door, so after decade after decade of fear mongering and blaming the gun for violence, they will condition people to the point where they come and confiscate our guns(just as they did in England after one hundred years of more and more gun laws). This is why they need us all registered so they know which homes to come to for those registered guns.
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Well, I suppose the two fall under a different type of moral law. The situation involving drugs is different to that of a gun, because the person taking drugs is often the one consenting to it. However, in the gun's case, a person cannot consent to being shot when they do get shot.