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 Now that Trump is President-Elect do you think anything will change? (24)

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Now that Trump is President-Elect do you think anything will change?

Now that Trump is President-Elect do you think anything will change?
If so, what do you think will change?

Will it be for the better?

Please share your thoughts.

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6 points

I beleive ther will be change.

I believe the change will be good.

I believe our country will be better for it.

Atrag(4521) Disputed
2 points

I am very disappointed in you.

Torton(24) Clarified
1 point

I beleive ther will be change.


Afroqueene(1) Disputed
1 point

I can't believe how retarded some of you raciest people sound. How is this going to be good when you've seen his actions?

daniel_heap(1) Disputed
1 point

In the world outside of our minds, and the chemicals and electrical impulses that we are, there is no real good or evil. We are organisms that make decisions based on traits we have evolved to have to increase our chance of survival. What can we therefore gather from the opinions of the majority?

instig8or(3310) Disputed
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I'm certain he will be better than President ''INERTIA'' Obama.

What we'll see will be;-

Fewer illegal immigrants.

A new deal negotiated whereby Europe will have to meet 75% of it's own defense budget with the U.S. contributing 25% , as opposed to the other way around as it is now.

A significant import tariff imposed on all imported Asian goods thus forcing them to stop using America as a dumping ground for their goods and produce.

A reduction in corporation tax as an incentive to stop American companies relocating overseas and to attract those who have done so to return and create American jobs.

The establishment of a points system for immigrants, with only those with skills and professions required by the country being granted entry.

A repatriation of all illegal immigrants along with an increase in the number of law enforcement personnel to ensure the enforcement of this very necessary measure.

Form free trade arrangements with only those nations which have similar industrial relation legislation and health & safety laws in place.

Make sure that the ''whinging' ethnic groups are made aware that the onus is on them to ingratiate themselves with Americans and to adopt American values and principles.

The road back to recovery will be arduous and fraught with ''sniper fire'' from the P.C, brigade but the many bullets will have to be bitten and if Trump keeps his nerve and remain resolute to his stated manifesto it can and will be achieved.

Trump could go down as the best President the United States ever had.

I believe that there will be good things he will do and bad things that he will do.

I also believe that people should think of other options. Canada is great and all but ehhhh.

trungnguyen(1) Clarified
1 point

We should rather believe in our own potential.

The policies that Trump proposed were not totally negative and " introvert", opposing globalization and closing up the gate to " American dream" of all of us. He actually retarded the " illegal " and " useless" immigrants who according to him " deprived jobs opportunities of the Americans". People like you and me truthfully desire for the dream and the future will have faith in America "paradise"( just intonation) and vice versa

3 points

Trump is the result of an extremist Democrat Party who have become fanatical ideologs caring only for transforming America into a nation of political correctness and Socialism.

They have for decades pandered to, and care only for, their voting blocks who will elect Democrats no matter what. Look at the Blue areas of the election map to see who votes for Democrats.

All those Red areas of the map are made up of Americans who are fed up with being used to buy Democrat votes.

So Trump was their vehicle of change. I believe Trump is actually tough enough to once again lift up all of the middle class and middle America.

He's not a career politician! He does not live in fear of the backlash from our biased political correct media's attacks on him.

He is beholden to few people getting to this point and therefore will have a much easier time of focusing on important issues, appointing the correct people for the job, and not worrying about his political future when saying things that are not political correct.

Yes, I believe many things will change as we are already starting to see. Look at the chaos of the Democrat Party simply because of Trump.

Democrats now have a record low number of Democrat controlled legislatures around the nation.

They have lost many State Governorships.

Trump has has already created many changes, and mostly for the better. He was able to get record turnouts from these rural working Americans. He was able to achieve something most people were saying he could never do.

Time will tell if he can get his agendas passed, but one thing i know, he is a very hard worker with an ego and will want to go down in history as the one man who could make America great again.

I hope so!

ironskillet(203) Disputed
2 points

To be fair, people didn't just attack him due to political correctness. It was also due to his assholery, ex, making fun of a disabled reporter and claiming he liked to "grab women by the pussy". Part of it was political correctness, but part of it was also due to pure dislike of his attitude.

3 points

I do not support Trump and I am a very positive person. Therefore, I am still hoping that the Electoral College would change their votes. I know it's not going to ever happen but I'm a positive person.

Back to the question, I think there are many things that Trump will do to help and harm America. For example, Trump is a successful businessman. Even though he doesn't let us know his real net value (tax returns, release them), it's obvious that he's on the richer side. Because of this, he might be able to help our economy, which was ruined in the Great Recession (which was actually caused by Bush and not Clinton or Obama, as Trump states).

Other than that, I do not support anything else. He says that he would deport and prevent illegal immigrants from getting in. I understand that, but using force is not the answer. He also wants to get rid of NATO. That's a very bad decision. If he thinks that NATO isn't doing what they should, call for reform. Other issues that I do not support include, but is not limited to: gun control, gay rights, global warming.

1 point

I believe he will change America for the better, if only by not continuing to do the wicked things which have been part of the elite's policy, for the last 20 years. Wicked towards America and towards the world.

BurnBernie(2) Disputed
1 point

Donald is the definition of an elite American. American economic policies at the moment are very anti-elitist, with the highest-income business owners paying nearly 50% of their income in taxes (but Trump doesn't pay taxes.) Donald plans on increasing government spending while lowering taxes, which will increase our annual budget deficit as well. The only positive change he brings with him to office is the social movement that backs him. At least the hippies will gtfo the white house.

1 point

I think some of both. But I do think it's better than Hitlary. I'm not saying it's perfect. Let's give him a chance because who knows? Maybe he'll prove to be a pretty good president.

1 point

I think that both parties will hinder and keep him in check. They see him as an outsider However, when his goals line up with their goals things will happen. ;)

1 point

the electoral college, Tronald Dump is not my President.

Torton(24) Disputed
2 points

Not yet, but he will be.

Also, I guarantee everyone crying about the electoral college have never even thought about it before, and more than likely wouldn't give two shits if Hillary had won.

Sitar(2844) Clarified
1 point

Even at the Inaugeration, he will not be my President. I only wish him peace, but I oppppppose him. the electoral collllege, the popular vote should determine who wins.

1 point

Nothing he's done since winning the election has really shown any confidence in the "shaking up Washington" angle, and I can't see how anyone else is at this point, beyond just turning a blind eye to things.

I predict that president-elect Donald Trump will resign. Not immediately, but in time. I don't think he has any knowledge of how to run a country, and I don't even think that he has confidence in that himself.

So no, I don't think anything will change. And honestly you guys have made your own bed, because there was an ambitious man with the experience to make these changes but Bernie Sanders wasn't given a chance :(

I blame the Democratic party for picking the wrong candidate against Trump. Trump voters are enthusiastic about him - half of Hillary's voters just hate her less than they hate Trump.

Never underestimate the power of a campaign driven by enthusiastic and optimistic people.

2 points

I would hope not. If Trump resigns, gets killed, or impeached, we'd get Pence. That would be a complete disaster. Like, all of the overly stupid fear-mongering of Trump would be almost entirely justified with Pence.

shoutoutloud(4182) Clarified
1 point

Yeah.. that would be horrendous. But I also think that's like... the republican plan. Pence is a respected and conservative republican, I can imagine they would prefer him.

1 point

Yes, Trump's name will be emblazened across everything from ships to planes to bottled water................................................................

1 point

yes what will change is that dishonesty in the white house will become common place.

scandal which had been almost nonexistent before will be very widespread.

and if anybody thinks that the country will come together in a trump admin then they are smoking something.

most especially after he has lost the popular vote by over two million.

never has this been ever seen in election history.

if anyone see a mandate in that then again they are smoking something.

he does not even think that he has to divest his business interests.

these next four years are going to tumultuous and extremely divided.

as for democrats the lesson from this election has to be, it is the economy.

the economic growth and recovery under this president has been and continues to be not defended at all.

the mistake from the beginning that I always thought was going after health care in the first term.

democrats are tied to a very unpopular health care act.

the republicans have done a great job of telling white America that there dollars are going to brown and black people so that they can have health care while working people get less health care.

this is a seamless argument that has worked very well.

it is not factual but that does not matter, they have convinced people especially white America that it is true.

next up democrats have forgotten about middle America and need to go back to middle America with real economic issues that middle America can believe in.

the democrats have done a good job about sticking up for minority rights but a poor job in helping middle America. they feel left out and while this is not true, there perception is just that.

Hillary Clinton message was how bad trump was but did not tell people two main things they wanted to hear.

number one why she wanted to president and that she was going to do for middle America.

I thought he strategy from the beginning was a bad strategy and I was proven correct.

1 point

Yes..... Many... not only america will face change .....but ..... The whole world will change. .

1 point

Trump has already made more changes in just the past 5 days than Obama did in 8 years.