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Now that we've spent 8 months with President Obama... you still think he's the best thing since the popsicle or do you think the McCain-Palin ticket would have been a better way to go?  Undecided

Obama all the way

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Mc Cain would have been better

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I had a guarded optimism about obama but i still believe he is the better choice for president. McCain supported many not all of bushes polices, and the sad thing about it is that he changed his political views such as on torture after being presured by the gop and others to do so. He is the kind of person who when the pressure was on chose what, he thought or was told, the far-right wanted.

McCain's choice in running mate also put serious doubt into his reasoning and understanding of the situation and needs of the country.

Obama has run into many problems from democrats and republicans as well as a decreased drive to succeed in more liberal polices but he inherited many problems, some he hasn't alleviated but the ones stalling or preventing him from succeeding are left overs from the right wing political body and center-right democrats.

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McCain would have been a continuation of the Bush administration more or less,

plus 1 liberal Supreme Court Justice retired, and another is about to,

within four years we would be a religious State like something out of the Middle East, and abortion would be illegal. That would be a long term disaster much more damaging than any short-term war or economic down swing.

... plus it's been like 9 months I don't recall expecting so much of a President in so little time since I've been alive.

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asdf789(348) Disputed
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That's the only reason why Obama won too. It wasn't because of his credentials or practically anything else for that matter, just saying that McCain is a continuation of Bush won it for him. You could have put a monkey in as the democratic candidate and won using that slogan.

within four years we would be a religious State like something out of the Middle East

Okay, where is the evidence that proves that McCain would have done such a thing? You wouldn't know because he isn't president. He is a moderate repub anyways, not like the religious 43rd.

abortion would be illegal

Another slippery slope. I'm not sure a president can use executive powers to eliminate Roe v. Wade, but you may know something I don't.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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That's the only reason why Obama won too.

No it isn't. He's the best communicator since Bill Clinton to be in public office (maybe better). A majority of people in the U.S. (whether you like it or not) agree with a majority of his ideas, plus he is able to communicate these ideas absolutely beautifully.

Why is it so hard for so many on the right to accept that Obama is just a very attractive, likable, and bright candidate to most Americans?

And Roe vs. Wade doesn't have anything to do with the president.

But it has everything to do with the Supreme Court.

And at least two liberal justices are retiring within Obama's presidency,

whom McCain would have replaced with Judges on the right,

who would overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Which would be a complete disaster.

And while I don't think McCain is a religious right conservative, the religious right has conservatives in a choke hold, and I think it's pretty evident we become more and more a religious state the longer Conservatives are in power.

Side: Obama all the way

No president can overturn Roe V. Wade...only the Supreme Court can do that. I voted for Obama because I thought he could bring change to our country and he's trying to do just that. Even with the quagmire called Health Reform he's a better president than McCain could have ever been. At this juncture I still say Obama, all the way.

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It is now 2015 and I am happy that I voted for Obama twice. I think he is a great President.

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Obama was not smart to close Guantanamo in such a short time without having any plans for what to do afterward. Remind you of some war that was started in the past decade? And you guys say he isn't like Bush at all? :) I still find it funny how every time he does something stupid or miscalculates something, he blames it on the Bush administration. "Uh, I am putting more troops into Afghanistan, because, uh, uh, uh, uh, you know that uh Bush uh administration uh made me, uh uh."

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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I don't believe that's an accurate quote.

The difference between Bush bashing and Obama bashing seems to be Bush bashers don't have to make stuff up...

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When it comes down to it, we citizens really had no choice. It's either we elect McCain and Palin and continue Bush's policies. Or we elect Obama, who lies to us and gives us a false sense of security, and then not only continues Bush's policies, but expands them and does worse. Don't get me wrong, I respect Obama a lot, but not for his presidency.

For the record, I voted for Obama. I was among the masses that were moved by his speeches and sweet talks of a new America, change, his slogans of "yes we can" etc. I cried upon listening to his inauguration speech. Obama is a great speaker, there is no doubt about that. He is charismatic, charming, inspirational, and extremely intelligent. Far more intelligent than McCain in my opinion. Palin looks flat-out dumb, like Bush.


It's been a year now and I am sorely regretting my decision. Obama's strengths, his intelligence, likableness, charisma - the fact that people see him as a sort of fad, savior, or even deity - makes him extremely dangerous. Obama won the hearts of people all over the world including mine, but now he's also won the minds of most Americans. Now he's elected. Now people think everything is going to be ok, and they go back to working, watching TV, drinking at sports pubs etc. They STOP paying attention to what's actually going on. The truth is, Obama, whether by his choice or not, has deceived us.

Obama won the nobel peace prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." He has since sent thousands more troops to the middle east.

Obama promised to get rid of lobbyists, and yet after being elected, he has filled the white house to the brim with them.

Obama promised never to use signing statements during his presidential campaign. He has since issued numerous signing statements, an act that threatens the checks and balances of our government.

Obama has issued over 10 bills to undermine the second amendment (right to bear arms) which gives the government the power to disarm any citizen at will, and places large restrictions on the ability to purchase guns.

There's more. Obama undermines free speech. Obama is building a civilian army that takes orders directly from him. Obama expands on Bush's policy to wiretap people. This is all easily researchable.

A great president is an honest one, and the facts show that Obama has been dishonest, and this disheartens me a lot. He works for Wall Street, for corporate America, for money. I chose Obama not only because I liked the guy, not only because I read his books and was impressed and moved. I chose him because I thought he meant everything he said, because his policies would reflect the same principles that our founding fathers laid out. Its becoming more clear that I was wrong.

McCain might not be as sharp as him, but at least he would have tried to stick to the constitution. At the very least, he wouldn't have created a cult of personality. When people stop thinking and hand everything: their patriotic responsibility and their hopes over to a single person, it's very easy for things to become a tyranny.

Hasn't this happened in history many times before? Country is in ruins. Intelligent, charismatic leader promises to change everything for the better. People worship him, follow his every whim. Young people chant his slogans. Yes, it's happened in Germany, Italy, China with Mao, and it might be happening now in America. Obama might be a great guy, but he's controlled by lobbyists, just like every president since Kennedy more so than McCain would have been. Liberty rarely dies with guns or bombs. It dies with thunders of applause.

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