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Obama: The Lying President

Of course I realize all presidents lie; it is all that they know how to do. However, nobody seems to care about Obama's lies.



Obama's 1500+ lies.

The Obama Files



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i believe every president has lied. the thing that you have to take into account is what presisdents learn after they come into office and how this changes what they have promised to do.

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Every President lies while in office, but it is a matter of getting caught. A president is always under oath, yet lying in matters of national security are not applicable.

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How's that Hope and Change working out for you???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ANY taxes
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He hasn't really followed up on all those promises he made BEFORE he entered office.

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How much power does Obama really have? I'm certain he is but a pawn to the real rulers of the World.

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Obama is one of the worst lying presidents ever! Time and again, he can't keep his little mouth shut. Liberals apparently fail to see that this man is the most dishonest person to ever take office. Wait- Terminator....... am I being racist? :)

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