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 Obama admits he was "Out of Touch" with the American People (12)

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Obama admits he was "Out of Touch" with the American People

Responding to a question on ABC “This Week” from host George Stephanopoulos President Barack Obama admitted Sunday that he never imagined Donald Trump would become president because he is out of touch with American people saying that as president he lives in a "Bubble". Stephanopoulos followed up by asking if an example of Obama being out of touch was not realizing that Trump was connecting with the heartland of America and had a good shot at winning last year’s presidential election.

“You didn’t think Donald Trump could win,” he noted.

Has the Narcissist in Chief  finally admitted he is a failure ?

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It's not uncommon to be a leader in a bubble. Surround your self with those that share your perspectives and you are likely to create a bubble. How many dictators live in a bubble because those around them fear to point out the truth?

Obama's great failing is simply his ideology. He sees the US as a colonial oppressor. His whole mission is to bring us down a few notches. He has received a measure of success on this regard. His time has now passed. His illusion will soon be dispelled by the solid success we will achieve in the next few years.

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Obama lives in a bubble he purposely created because he didn’t want to hear any dissension so its not a wonder why the narcissist thinks himself as the messiah and that he can do no wrong. He made sure to filter out anyone or anything that didn’t conform to his ideology. Bubble Boy never was in-touch because he is Un-American.

He's been out of touch with reality long before he came into office.


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In my opinion Obama, ''President Inertia'', was a massive disappointment and failed to appreciate the deep anxieties that most Americans felt over the threat to their jobs and personal safety as a result of unregulated mass immigration.

The marketing department of any successful corporation will tell you that it is vital that their products are what the public want, and not what they arrogantly think the public should want.

Obama was a hopeless egotist whose main interest was to abuse the office of president of the United States of America to boost his own already over inflated ego.

Paradoxically, he seemed paralysed by some form of underlying self doubt which disabled him from acting decisively on a host of important issues ranging from immigration, facing up to Asian nations using America as a dumping ground for their cheaply produced shoddy goods and inferior produce and taking a leading role in world affairs.

The great, do nothing, orator has all but gone, soon to be replaced by a ''doer''.

We should all wish Donald Trump good luck.

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So was George Bush, your point?.........................................................................

outlaw60(11077) Disputed
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You must tell what Bush has to do with the failure of Barack Obama !

Sitar(3683) Clarified
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If you are going to talk about big government, you need to run your mouth about both sides.

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Sounds like Donald Trump to me.

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Sounds like Donald Trump to me.

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Sounds like Donald Trump to me.

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