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Obama is right to support gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, but not transgenders

Obama "supports full civil unions and federal rights for LGBT couples". What is a "T" couple? 

You should respect transgender

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You don't have to respect

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I don't see anything manifestly immoral about transgendered people. Dressing like the opposite sex or having a sex change operation is just a personal choice. So why should we limit the civil rights of people who make this choice?

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The cool thing about being human is that we are all individuals with different ways of living our own lives.

You see, some people can decide that they want to change their sex while other people can decide to be ignorant bigots who hate on people who are too different from them.

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If you have a personal problem with what a person does with himself or her must be kept to oneself. But, the fact is that, despite that you ought not to forget that every human ought to be treated appropriately and equally!

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I don't think you should have used the word "respect" . that is something earned on the individual level. I think all people, no matter what they are, deserve their basic rights. Wearing a dress while having balls shouldn't have any effect on that. Supporting gays and lesbians but not transgenders is nothing short of hypocrisy from our oh so successful president(vomit)

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churchmouse(328) Disputed
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But if I own a business and choose not to hire a transgender person to work the counter.....should be my right as well......right?

I do not have to support any of the people mentioned listed above in this debate.

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"But if I own a business and choose not to hire a transgender person to work the counter.....should be my right as well......right?"

That is exactly the same as saying its okay to refuse someone a job based on race. Which by your "morals" isn't right. Contradiction anyone? If the persons status begins to affect business, then you have a right to fire them, but you can't refuse based on status.

"I do not have to support any of the people mentioned listed above in this debate."

Your right you are not forced to support any group, however you ARE forced to live with the fact they all have basic rights that can't be violated because of your bigotry(or whatever word you want to use to excuse your view from what it really is)

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A person should feel comfortable and happy in their own body. If their body makes them uncomfortable because they feel in the depths of their heart that they should be of the opposite sex, then by all means they should be able to change their body and should have the same rights as any individual regardless.

You certainly don't have to respect transgender people. But you really should. I often say that although I am opinionated and have a voice and my opinions might be offensive, it is never my intention to deprive somebody of their happiness. I feel that a transgendered person deserves respect regardless of how icky it makes someone else feel to think that they were once a member of a different sex.

I actually thought about this before. (I have a storyteller’s imagination, very vivid)

I imagined meeting an absolutely amazing girl, we’ll call her Ashley, and she was beautiful both in appearance and personality, EVERYTHING I wanted in a girl and more. I imagined falling deeply in love with her all without the need for sexual intimacy; it was true love, lacking lust.

Far into the relationship, I imagined expressing a desire to make love and being met with my one true love crying in my arms and even breaking up with me. Confused, I stopped at nothing to prove my worth and managed to win her back although I never truly lost her heart.

It was then that Ashley gathered enough willpower to tell me a secret that she held with such reserve that she would rather take it to the grave, but she didn’t. Out of love, she felt she needed to tell me, she felt that she owed it to me.

She told me that she was born male, and that although she looked like a female on the outside, her physiology was that of a boy. I was shocked to say the least… open-mouthed and wide eyed, I just looked at her while tears welled up in my eyes. Confusion, hate, and betrayal mixed with emotions of my resounding love and passion I felt for all those months I was with her. With him.

With a lump in her throat and her chest in painful anguish at the sight of my reaction, Ashley could do nothing but crouch into a ball on the floor and cry her eyes out. She felt lost and on her own now, without hope and without love.

I couldn’t help but feel empathy for her, I saw a helpless girl on the floor, this was my darling, the one I personally felt that I could spend an eternity with, lying there desperate and alone… I reached down and lifted her to her feet, then lifted her chin to look in her eyes.

“Shhh, hey hey, its ok, it’ll be alright.” I said as I held her face in my hands and wiped a tear from her cheek with my thumb. “Listen Ashley, look at me, are you a girl or a boy?”

She looked at me with a half evil eye and half miserable expression knowing the truth to that question. “I-I was born a –“

“No, that’s not what I asked Ashley, forget everything else… Are you a girl or a boy?”

Her eyes studied me briefly, confused. “I’m a girl; it’s what I feel in my heart.”

“Ok, than you’re a girl… and nothing else matters, it’s what you feel in your heart and… it’s what I feel, in mine.” My eyes glistened as if I would cry myself. I realized that moment that there was no one else I would rather be with and no one else who made me feel the way Ashley did. “Ashley, I love you and there-“

She quickly wraps her arms around me and I return the embrace, she then looks at me, hesitates slightly, and we kiss. –end

I realize that there is fact and fiction, there are truths and untruths. But this is the only fucking life that we get. Have mercy on those that are not comfortable in their own bodies.

C.S. Lewis said “You do not have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body”

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anotherguy34(5) Disputed
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So in other words you're a homosexual...since Ashley's a boy and all..

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Its hard to determine. I am not IRL, but if the story were true I suppose I could see how someone would think that. Consider this though, in the scenario I gave, in my own mind I fell in love with a girl. The truth was that Ashley was physiologically a male, but in my own reality he/she was a female. So in that sense I would say no, I would not be gay.

The part where I still felt love after finding out the truth and seeing Ashley lying vulnerable on the floor, this I could understand if someone would call it homosexuality. Then again, both Ashley and myself consider her to be a female in the end regardless of what she was in the beginning of her life. So its hard to determine. If I considered her a guy in the story than yes I would say it would be homosexuality at that point.

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It is good to have opinions, but it is wrong when someone's opinion can restrict someone else's basic human right. People should learn to respect people who are different from them, even if it's against their religion.

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The President supports the whole LGBT Community and he expressed his support in 2015 when the Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage.

Side: You should respect transgender

I don't respect transgenders, but I think that indivdual freedom is more important. They have a fumdamental right to choose.

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I get it, I get it some women don't like barbies, want to play with guns, climb trees, and belch... that is all just fine, and grand, but no reason to start cutting things off, or inserting other things

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I do understand that there is certain uneasiness in accepting a person who you have known was another gender the last time you met them. But, the point is despite the irregularities and dislike, they must be treated equally and not spoken of with that much of a disgust. I'd say that they are better off then most of the people around that we have known and hated.

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iamdavidh(4870) Disputed
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What about girls who like barbies and guns?

What about boys who are scared to climb trees, love barbie, but belch like vikings?

What about boys who look exactly like girls and even have a vagina, but also a pair of balls that never descended and so can't actually have kids?

What about girls who just can't have kids?

What about girls who look exactly like boys but have a vagina?

What if you're a straight guy who likes girls but like it when girls wear a dildo and fuck you in the ass?

What about girls who hate penetration and can only have an orgasm from oral?

What about a 6 year old boy who gets his first hard on while watching tele-tubies and doesn't know why?

What if you like little tits and big ass? Is little tits manly even if she's obviously a girl?

Say a girl has a vagina that hangs down a couple inches and you like it, does liking it mean you might like penis too?

I have a fucking idea. How about we stop worrying what people like and let them be happy.

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churchmouse(328) Disputed
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Boy what this post shows is that you certainly have thought this all out...IN DETAIL. lol

Why mention oral.......its not sex remember.

I don't have to respect anything or one, certainly not people who are doing immoral things in my opinion. Tolerance today is accepting things as normal....and if you buck the system of political are called names. Most the time it has nothing to do with hating someone.

I can think someone is immoral but still love them. This case with Casey Anthony. I am sure her parents know that she killed little Caylee...but that might not change the fact that they still love her.

I might disagree with gay sex...that does not mean I hate them. I might think stipping is slutty...that does not mean I hate stippers. But many people believe that...unless you accept everything as moral and are a freak and full of hatred.

Live and let live eh? Does this go for people who are pedophiles?

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