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 Obama spoke eloquently & accomplished little. Trump talks like a bully & get's things done (1)

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Obama spoke eloquently & accomplished little. Trump talks like a bully & get's things done

I guess we are learning many things this election cycle.

It's not the eloquence of a man that determines his greatness or intelligence. I've heard Hilter was a great orator but as we all found out was a barbaric man lacking the most basic of humanity.

The ability to speak well says little of the person. It's a great tool for those with ambitions of power. It's a great tool in life when it comes to climbing the ladder of success, yet often times, we find the gift of speaking well does not equate to actual ability. 

Obama is a very eloquent person. He has a gift to tug at your heart strings and make you believe he is so sincere in the things he says. In his recent speeches, if I had not just spent eight LONGGGGGGG years following his presidency, I would believe he was a great President who cared for all Americans.

His speeches and his actions are light years apart. This is how a community organiser ascended to the Presidency of the US in a very short time. He talked a great game but in the end was a Liberal ideolog whose entire goal was transfroming America to his socialistic Progressive ideology.

Now with Trump, who sometimes speaks like an ignorant bully, we find just the opposite. He is has yet to be sworn in, and already he is getting things done for Americans who need jobs. Already companies like Ford are going to build plants in America rather than Mexico because of Trump's less intrusive tax policies towards business.

Maybe we should start electing business men, who may be tough, loud mouthed, and rough around the edges, but know how to get things done. That's what true leaders do!
We can live without eloquent political speakers who are masters of saying what you want to hear, but totally indebted to big money lobbyists.

You will notice, Trump had little support from the usual lobbyists in Government. This might make him a very good president. He might actually do what he said he would do and address this nation's many problems for the good of all Americans. So far, so good.
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Businessmen and bullies are not what made or make America the beacon to the free world.

And you will soon find that your firebrand Trump is a fraud and a criminal.