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Obsession with theater distracts from root issues

Whenever I start getting hooked on following the news, it always starts seeming like the same old problems playing out in new ways. Everybody seems concerned with being more informed rather than better informed. Always focused on symptoms rather than what causes the disease so to speak.


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This is actually a Marxist theory. It has been argued that all forms of entertainment -- even sport -- are class distractions intended to lead to political apathy.

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YES For example see the healthcare bill debate. Focused entirely on the question of how to pay for healthcare while completely ignoring the root cause of the problem. All efforts are directed at the cost of health insurance. No one is asking why it cost so much to see a doctor, or to spend a night in a hospital, or to purchase a medicine.

Another example of miss guided effort can be found in the "social justice" movement demanding higher pay , just because min wage is not enough to live on. Employers are compelled to pay $15.00 per hour for an unskilled worker, while thousands of employers are unable to even find the skilled workers they need at any price. The focus is to artificially increase the earnings of employees with no increase in their value to the business.

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