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 Ocasio-Cortes proves she is Better at Dancing than Economics (3)

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Ocasio-Cortes proves she is Better at Dancing than Economics

Appearing on CBS’ “60 Minutes” new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes displayed her formidable knowledge of everything from environmental issues to economics and going on with what she envisioned an America 12 years from now that didn’t use any fossil fuels at all and championing a tax rate for the wealthy that could go as high as 60 to 70%.
The Dumb Socialist has no brain nor no plan but i do like the plastic on her Bug Eyes !!! LMMFAO
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A fish has a larger brain than this dumb broad !!!!!!!!!

Ocasio’s attack on fossil fuels ignores the fact that they are a vital part of a variety of daily life beyond driving one’s car. Synthetic fibers that come from fossil fuels are responsible for the majority of global fiber production. In 2014, synthetic fibers accounted for 67.5% of global textile production; cotton, which comprises roughly 28% of textile fiber consumption, depends on aid from fossil fuels; plastics are manufactured from fossil fuels, and the agricultural industry is heavily dependent on fossil fuels to grow and harvest crops. FossilFuels.pdf

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She thinks Taco Bell is the Mexican phone company.

I heard that Gillibrand is pissed off now that she is no longer the dumbest elected official in the country.

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The main thing to pay attention to here is there are a scary amount of libs who don't even have basic common sense.

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It is quite obvious that the ignorant woman does not know this- "Electric cars run on fossil fuels." Best known as tires !!!!

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Signs of having trouble are on the way for NYC.

New York State was the fifth-largest natural gas consumer for electric power generation among the states in 2017, and more than one-third of New York's electricity-generating capacity is in units that can burn either natural gas or fuel oil, switching between fuels when needed.