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the Earth is a Globe the Earth is Flat
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Oh No !!! I'm BANNED from the Flat Earth Society

01. both sun and moon are the same size - 32 miles in diameter - and the same distance from (above) the earth - 3,000 miles
02. sun and moon are always 180 degrees apart in their orbits over the earth
03. The earth is stationary.....sun, moon and stars rotate

the Earth is a Globe

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the Earth is Flat

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05-18-2017 .. Questions about the Flat Earth Theory and the Eclipses

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05-16-2017 .. according the Flat Earth Model ...... what is it that casts a shadow across the face of the Moon ?

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According to flat earth .......................

04. The sun "acts like a spotlight" and shines down - on the earth- so light from the sun never reaches the moon

05. The moon is "self-illuminated" by some kind of "bio-luminescent" creatures . Their migrations back and forth across the moon causes the phases of the moon.

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Side: the Earth is Flat
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Tell me Al the earth is flat and your reasoning behind that belief !

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