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Peace and Freedom

I personally believe that the fundamental defining point between the majority of "liberals" and "conservatives" is this:  Liberals believe that there is no such thing as freedom without peace, while conservatives believe there is no such things as peace in this physical world.  Which side are you on and why?

Peace then freedom

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Freedom: peace is impossible

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Well, if everybody stopped hating each other, we'd have peace because we'd have no reason to be fighting. And everyone would be free because all the righties would realise that the freedom of many is more important than the freedom of themselves.

Side: Peace then freedom
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Well Peace can definitely be achieved. But only through one way. That is the shelving of ethic, and moral, and even at times religious dogma for the greater good of humanity. Many people will describe this as being tolerant, and point out that too much tolerance inevitably leads to the destruction of societies themselves. While I will agree, that there must be some form of limitations, it comes down to this: It isn't about being tolerant, it is about putting aside petty, and I do say PETTY grievances, so that we can live in more prosperous harmony. So Morals and ethics are one side of the coin.

The other would be human greed. Its like this. We actually have created giant war machines that SHOOT and KILL our human brothers and sisters, just so we can maintain our elite status in the world, and have access to the recourses that we want, and want NOW. Now, this debate isn't necessarily about politics, but I am trying to say that if we let greed dictate our lives, that would mean we are un aware, and un caring of the desires and needs of others, in which case peace is impossible.

So in conclusion, peace is possible, but all it takes is a little educating of the ignorant, a little sacrifice of our own egotistical desires, and a little Love, and we can begin paving the world towards a more peaceful planet.

Side: Peace then freedom

this is a very fundamental difference between the two views. I am on this side because I do think Peace is impossible. Its a great idea an idea that most good people strive for their entire life, but peace on earth is not realistic. Think about it... your family (parents, siblings,spouse,children you could even include very good friends) is the closest group of people you will have in your life. They have seen you go through hard times, watched you grow, been there when you were sick or got your heart broken, they have seen you shit and know some of your deepest secrets. Even though these people are very aware of the real you they fight with you (or you with them) they may disown you, cut you off, hit you, bring you down refuse to support your choices or except the people you love. If the closest people to you can and do create such pain, violence and intolerance in your life how can we expect billions of complete strangers to all "get together" and love one another. think about what you hate or cant understand...don't tell me you don't hate anyone or anything. Do you hate conservatives or homophobes or meat eaters or pedophiles or logging or pollution or Gorge Bush. If you can think of anything you hate you are excluding the people who like those things from your perfect world and in so doing proving my point that peace is impossible.

Side: Freedom: peace is impossible

Freedom and peace go hand in hand so both sides of this argument are flawed.

Side: Freedom: peace is impossible
lolzors93(3225) Clarified
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Thats the liberal side! They tend to believe that you will have freedom once peace is achieved... that is to say that peace and freedom go hand in hand.

Side: Peace then freedom
GuitaristDog(2546) Clarified
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I am not liberal, peace is not needed for freedom, however, peace and freedom work together.

Side: Peace then freedom
nummi(1435) Clarified
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Not always. Some consider it freedom to fight others as they will. They are doing what they like.

Freedom means there are no rules, you can do whatever you want and like.

Absolute peace and absolute freedom are both impossible as there will always always be rules and always at least some kind of minor fights and disputes.

Peace and freedom go together with infringements on both.

Side: Peace then freedom
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I am not a conservative. And I am not a liberal.

However absolute peace is logically impossible. I do agree, hypothetically that if the world was at peace that is where true freedom is held. But unfortunately it cannot be achieved with the current state of human beings.

Side: Freedom: peace is impossible
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No, according to me no, because freedom is only one way to reach peace.

Side: Freedom: peace is impossible