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 People who say Trump's Tax plan only helps the Rich, are liars! They must not pay taxes. (2)

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People who say Trump's Tax plan only helps the Rich, are liars! They must not pay taxes.

For any honest working middle class American to read the facts about Trump's tax plan, and then make deceptive ludicrous statements of how Trump's tax plan will not help the Middle Class, can only mean one thing.

They are either Government dependents who pay no taxes, or they are deceptive liars tryng to demonize the GOP and Trump.

Anyone who understands the facts of the Tax Law, and who is a middle class worker, would know that these tax changes would give them tax breaks!

The standard deduction is doubling from $12,000 to $24,000!

The 25% tax bracket for couples who jointly made up to $90,000, will go down to 12%! Do you have any idea how large a tax cut that is?

The tax credit for children will go up!

The only loss of mortgage deductions will be for expensive homes, not most middle class homes!

The loss of State tax deductions will matter not for the middle class becuase they will now be able to take the $24,000 standard deduction. Most middle class people can not find itemized deductions that would surpass $24,000.

Retirees who mostly own their homes and pay no State taxes on their social security will see a large tax cut with standard deduction going up and lower tax 12% tax bracket.

The $4000 federal exemptions will go away but the other tax cuts for the middle class will offset that loss.

The wealthy with expensive home mortgages and high itemized deductions might not get tax breaks, but most of the middle class will.
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I guess this shows that most of the Liberals on this site attcking Trump's tax plan, PAY NO TAXES!

Otherwise they would understand the tax breaks they will receive.


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I keep thinking you can't get any dumber but you keep topping yourself.