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I could shit more artfully. It takes practice/skill/vision
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Photography is not an art.

I could shit more artfully.

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It takes practice/skill/vision

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Shooting a picture is one thing; shooting a damn good picture is a whole other thing. Filters, frames, lenses, timing, patience, attention to detail. Photography, as an art form, is fucking hard to pull off.

Now, is all photography art? No, of course not.

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The act itself, of clicking a button on the camera, is not art.

The process and result, on the other hand, is indisputably art. Granted, it's hard to draw a line between the mechanical and the artistic, but I think it's safe to say that when you go out with the intention of creating a picture, you are creating art.

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Assface(406) Disputed
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A couple years ago, I had a really vivid, beautiful dream and set out to create a representation of it, linked below. Unless by "picture," you mean "photograph," it meets the criteria you've given to be considered "art." Is it?

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Warlin(1213) Disputed
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If one were ever so inclined to call it art, maybe. Still, maybe you need to evaluate on your point a bit more, I don't quite see what you're getting at.

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Photography is an art and when I have my camera in hand, I feel like an artist.

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