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Barack Obama. George Bush.
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 Barack Obama. (5)
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Pick one. 1

Barack Obama.

Side Score: 5

George Bush.

Side Score: 8
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Better president hands down, if you disagree you are a moron.

Side: Barack Obama.
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This one not that one!

Side: George Bush.
Sitar(3683) Clarified
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Ha ha, I used to be a a Republican as well. Now I'm an independent.

Side: Barack Obama.
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Hello I was accepted here by you it seems, so I believe you to be the owner the debater on this site Dermot has been using lots of insults in his argument which are not logical and in turn making many upset I wish there was a way for this to be delt with?

"Why don't you go and fuck yourself sideways , how's that for a random statement 🙀🙀🙀

I also note you didn't ask her to justify her beliefs did you , so yeah fuck yourself"

Side: George Bush.
Dermot(4748) Disputed
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No , it's making you upset , why did you not also include your attempted bullying of me as in telling me what I could and could not say on another conversation that had nothing to do with you ?

Also I noticed you made me an enemy something ive never done also I've never downvoted anyone , you need to grow up mate .

Side: Barack Obama.
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So normal conservative or murderous atheist? I have made my decision.

Side: George Bush.