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Plant based diet is Anti-nutritious.
Take notice how all the antinutrient is from plants, especially legumes....And the drugs they give to make you "heal" as well are often anti nutrient. Do you not see a problem here? The "establishment" or illuminati or whatever you want to call ot, the people who are in power promoting are the plant based diet, why do they want you to be calcium and idione efficient? If you would look at how the human race used to lives in nature you would see that the plant based diet would be impossible for them, it is so obviously not the natural human diet that it makes me chuckle every time I think of it, heh heh.

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Dude, this is now becoming lying. You can say you like meat and that you eat meat in a balanced diet for good health but you can't deny that in this day and age someone can't be healthy on a vegetarian or vegan diet. You are lying.

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Veganism being healthy is the bighgest fucking lie in the quantum supersymmetrical multiverse of strange quark bosons. you cannot get all the you need on a vegan diet and vegetables are many poison often times, infact almost every organic poison is from plants like ricin and cyanide and dioxin

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Educate yourself. You talk so much rude language to compensate for lack of proof.

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A plant-based diet just isn't meant for humans. We need our nutrition. Ever since we ever existed we needed to eat our nutrition. Even if someone is overweight, a study by Yale recently said that 80% of its contestants didn't keep their reformed body weight. This was because their metabolism lowered and their muscles turned weaker and smaller, not the promised strong and healthy body.

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