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Political polarization - problems and solutions

There seems to be a real problem that the public debate has become so incredibly polarized that it's difficult to have productive civil discourse. We can see a chauvinistic tendency to dismiss the opinions of others simply because they are "on the other team". In addition, partisan violence is becoming commonplace. Civil discourse serves us far better than the violent manner in which we resolved disputes in the past and regression to such a state poses a real threat to civilization.

There are a great many factors influencing this polarization and no doubt a number of possible solutions. Please outline some of the factors contributing to the polarized political landscape and some potential solutions to this polarization.
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The right moved mildly left, which is called a compromise. So what did the left do? It moved further left where there is no compromise. We basically let go of the gay marriage stuff, so they started calling everyone bigots, racists, etc and started destroying their own party's statues claiming they were ours. They then demanded safe spaces, demanded we acknowledge their library of gender pronouns, and started labeling anything not leftist as hate speech. The right learned that if you compromise with the left, they demand insane things, so the right then retreats further right and throws up its hands. The left isn't classically liberal anymore. It's a cult. You can't compromise with a cult anymore than you can compromise with ISIS.

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One solution could be the formation of a coalition government with a first and deputy first president.

The warring politicians should temporarily put aside their partisan loyalties, be seen to openly compromise on the most contentious issues and try to gel together in an effort to present a united front to the nation.

The more militant politicians could knock seven bells out of each other ''behind closed doors'' but come out from the private affray with black eyes but smiling faces.

The present sharp contrasting divisions between the two parties is tearing the nation apart and this dangerous, and deepening crisis must be addressed as a matter of extreme urgency.

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"The present sharp contrasting divisions between the two parties is tearing the nation apart and this dangerous, and deepening crisis must be addressed as a matter of extreme urgency."

It really is dangerous. The foundation of liberal democracies: public discourse, seems to be breaking down.

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Personally actionable solutions:

1) Genuinely attempting to understand the other perspective and asking the same of others.

2) Refrain from name-calling and keep discourse civil. Attack the ideas, not the messenger.

3) Attempt to find small points of agreement.

4) View people on the other side of the fence as regular people with a difference of opinion rather than enemy combatants in a war.

5) Don't use labels to dismiss opposing opinions out of hand and confront those that do.

6) Look at what the other person is actually saying, not what you expect they are saying and clarify if you are unsure.

Global solutions:

1) Search engines and social media need to stop showing people only what they want to see (what they already believe). They do this through their algorithms.

2) News outlets and political commentators need to reduce inflammatory rhetoric.

3) News outlets and political commentators should attempt to honestly present the opposite point of view rather than resorting to straw-men.

4) Both sides need to condemn violence as unacceptable.