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 Problems with Christianity (6)

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Problems with Christianity

What problems do you see with Christianity?
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I see so many problems:

- between catholics and protestant (I would be very open to have a talk with a protestant, message me!)

-the last few popes were terrible (though some of them did good things)

-internal doctrinal fights between traditionnal catholics and liberal catholics

-many christians need to learn more about their religion

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Our government is so much worse than that, but you aren't gonna complain about that, are you? Instead you single out Christianity because you're an atheist.

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Hello l,

I see nothing particularly wrong with Christianity that I don’t see with every other religion.


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Do you see anything wrong with a religion that says reality magically appeared from nowhere and holds you accountable to no one?

Wolfgang666(172) Clarified
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That's what you believe, not what Atheist believe.

The big bang theory only addresses the singularity because we don't have any method of examining what came before. You believe that a magical anthropomorphic immortal spoke the universe into being with an incantation spell.

We are held accountable to someone. It's called society. Societies punishment is called prison. Christianity say's that there isn't necessarily punishments you will have to face because your God's justice is directly contradicted by the idea that he is merciful. Mercy is the suspension of justice.

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Reality did not appear from nowhere. God created it! You might realize that if you read the first book of the Bible.

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There are none.