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Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies

"Imagine a world free of genetic diseases, where parents control their offspring’s height, eye color and intelligence. The science may be closer than you think. Genes interact in ways that we don’t fully understand and there could be unintended consequences, new diseases that result from our tinkering. But even if the science could be perfected, is it morally wrong? Would it lead to eugenics and a stratified society where only the rich enjoy the benefits of genetic enhancement? Or would the real injustice be depriving our children of every scientifically possible opportunity?"

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Genetically engineered babies in and of themselves are not a problem, the problem is that only wealthy people will be able to do it, which will mean that rich people will eventually literally become a new species and normal humans will become a slave race.

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Prohibit genetically engineered babies until humans out grow the concept of governments and monetary systems. Until then it will just destroy humanity.

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What if you could just screen for Hereditary Diseases and inoculate the child from these say?

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