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Proof that my solution for Global Warming is viable

European Discovery of the Americas Killed So Many People It Made the Earth Colder

The Great Dying saw native populations drop by around 90 percent. So much farmland turned into forest that it triggered a mini ice age.

Around 200,000 square miles of new forest were created during the 1500s. For comparison, that’s a little less than the size of Texas, or about a tenth of the Amazon rainforest. All that new vegetation required a lot of carbon dioxide, and so much CO2 was pulled out of the atmosphere to fuel these growing plants that it ended up cooling the earth.


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Wait..., what? No!

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We've wiped out a bunch of people before and we can do it again ;)

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excon(13054) Disputed
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We've wiped out a bunch of people before and we can do it again ;)

Hello j:

It's true.. Killing ourselves WILL save us from global warming killing us.. It's also true that cutting off your arm WILL prevent mosquito bites on your arm..


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KittenGirl(133) Disputed
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Does a warmer Earth make things better or worse, and why?

I only ask because oscilations and cycle changes are inevitable with or without humans, so humanity had better be ready for them with or without pollution.

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Well..., since we are gonna die anyway, what difference does it make ;)

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