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Puerto Rico: Statehood Vs. Independence



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If I were a Puerto Rican, I would prefer to remain a commonwealth of the United States. Commonwealth status seems to carry most of the advantages of being a state, without the disadvantages of being entirely Independent.

| Side: Commonwealth
1 point

I completely agree, plus they don't have to pay federal income taxes.

| Side: Statehood

Puerto Rico should neither be a state nor independent. It should remain a commonwealth of the U.S. However, that option was not available.... so I had to post under Bohemian. ;)

| Side: Statehood
1 point

I would be so proud to have PR as our 51st state!!!!! What a wonderful thing to witness!!!!!

| Side: Statehood
2 points

I don't have much of an opinion on this, I just thought it would be interesting to see what people thought.... Considering the direction Obama is taking the country I can't imagine many Puerto Ricans wanting to join the union as a state.

| Side: Statehood
1 point

With the direction he's taking the country, I may consider going to Puerto Rico. I need to brush up on my Spanish, though.

| Side: independence
1 point

Here is the problem with Puerto Rico, it would be great to see them become completely independent but lets face it they can't stand alone. Without the support of the US.

Puerto Rico ......Wepaaaaaaaaaaaaa

| Side: independence
1 point

Puerto Ricans are the most proud people I know and I have absolutely no idea why. We have a lot of Puerto Ricans living here in Florida, and just about every single one that I have ever met brags about their heritage more than anyone else. Some of my closest friends are Puerto Rican and talking about any type of heritage or culture or anything like that around them is a huge mistake. They'll start ranting about how great Puerto Rico is and everything. Kind of makes me wonder why so many of them left it in the first place. They have so much pride in Puerto Rico and they speak of it as if it is a seperate country, so I say let them have their independence.

| Side: independence
1 point

Now a days the United States is corrupt and really doesn’t have any friends in the international community, plus Puerto Ricans are Spanish and most of the United States is English, so it would be better if Puerto Rico went on their own.

| Side: Independence

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