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Quickfix solution to the underline glitch (not an explanation of how to make it)

To avoid helping trolls ruin debates visually, I am not going to explain how the underline-glitch happens. It's extremely easy to work out how to make it happen to a genius like me and is similar to how I worked out on the first week I used the site how to post messages in under 50 characters which made people dead sure that me (Prodigee) was actually an alt of the user "Kinda" as he was similar to me in other ways than just having beef with Hellno and liking the Hulk.

The quickfix solution to read it without the agony of underline and without copy-pasting the entire text to Notepad or something and then un-underlining it:

Click 'Support' or one of those things and on the right it appears in a visually pleasing way. This is quicker than copy-pasting for obvious reasons but here's how to do it again and again in a chain of arguments where all are underlined and not have to reopen pages:

You hold ctrl (or cmd I think on Apple) and click the 'Support'-type button. You do this for the entire chain of arguments start-to-end. Then you click the tab just right of the one you have open and tap ctrl+w (or the Mac equivalent) to close the tabs one by one and it will automatically transfer to the tab on the right on most decent browsers. The entire chain of comments will appear non-underlined for you.
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Smartphone users have no quick-fix but it's easier to open-close one by one on a phone anyway.