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Quitting time!

Hi everybody, i am going to quit from createdebate because the arguments are getting more sick, the language you all use is inappropriate and I don't want to listen to these nonsensical stuff anymore because I don't want to pick it up at only 13. I know that you all are 20 and above in age. So, bye.

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I'm just a little over 20. Don't take what goes on here personally. Some of us have been here for a while and there gets to be some banter that goes on.

Do want you must. but remember; "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

I'm 17, but bye .

Have fun people say that sometimes and they come right back.

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Alright. I don't even know you dude but whatever. Have fun.

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Lol, I'd said the vast majority of users are below 20 years old. Myself being only 16 years old.

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I'm 16. Comeback when you can handle all of this stuff!

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That fare-well got me all choked up .

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The fact that the kid is leaving got me so upset, I could only manage those two words.

I'm pretty sure I've seen you around. As of late, but in any regards, leaving because you feel you will become bad because others are bad shows how little trust you have in yourself.

You can't quite in this website, there is no option..........................