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Religion is Responsible for More Good than Harm in the World

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Christ brought light to a dark world. He ushered in the humanity of forgiveness, turning the other cheek, not holding grudges, loving our neighbor as well as our enemies, moral responsibility, personal accountability, etc. etc..

The moral values from our Christian heritage made America the greatest nation in the world, and as we see the Left separating those values from our public, we are witnessing the downfall of America.

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We'll never know how much religion has held us back but hey, at least they don't burn free thinking people at the stake anymore. (for the time being anyway)

Anybody who worships an all powerful all knowing invisible giant in the sky who's credited for creating the entire universe but deeply cares about your sex life and is constantly in need of money is clearly insane.

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FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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No, Christians do not burn people at the stake. It is the Left that kills our viable late term babies for merely being inconvienences.


It's your primortial ooze daddy that says you are but animals evolved from a magical single cell that mystically popped to life. You are supposedly the product of billions of years of evolution and this is the result? Killing our own babies for convienence?

Funy how those pesky Christians are the main group who understands humanity and supports the right of all innocent life.

I will take the humanity of God, thanks. You can keep the brutality of your humanist religion... evolution.

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Completely, unequivocally against. The death toll of religion is staggering. Religion scares people into obedience, which isn't the same thing as being good. Followers are usually just frightened of the consequences if they don't comply.

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Oh please if it does more good than harm then I must be on the wrong earth not only are christians picky about which part of the bible they follow but they also do it to the points that agree with them and pretend that the other ones do not exist and they are the most liable for physical harm with the racial terrorist group the KKK and phycological harm by being the definition of homophobic and I can not even think of any good that religion has brought

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Religion is defined by Merriam-Webster as "a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith"

I'm sure you can all think of things outside of your prior preconceptions on what "religion" actually means.

So what do you think now?

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