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 Remember Roe V Wade leaving it up to State's to decide? The Left is boycotting Georgia! (3)

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Remember Roe V Wade leaving it up to State's to decide? The Left is boycotting Georgia!

Even after Democrats got their abortion laws passed, it was not good enough for their extreme Pro abortion lobbies. The Left wanted to get Roe V Wade passed which allowed State's to decide their own abortion laws. This was their foot hold, and they did not stop until NO RESTRICTION ABORTIONS!

Look what happens when Georgia is trying to protect babies with beating hearts. The Left said they will boycott Georgia if they pass the law! This shows everyone what extremist's these Democrats have become. They are so tied to radical pro abortion groups, they will sacrifice our most innocent lives for the sake of votes!

The Left told North Carolina they would no longer allow NCAA basketball tournaments in their State if they did not change their bathroom policies and allow men in women's bathrooms!

This  is Big Brother at it's worse, and I have absolutely no respect for any person who would vote for these extremists! They constantly go against the freedoms our Constitution gave us.

The Left hates State's rights! They want a human-ocracy whereby a big Federal Government will dictate the laws in every State. If the State veers from Big Brother's political correct doctrine, they will be sued and boycotted until capitulation.

If you are a sane individual, do not vote for these extremists on the Left. You may have been conditioned to agree with some of their Big Brother mandates at this time. What happens when they come after the freedoms you enjoy?
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Well, looks like it's time for nonliberals to boycott liberal companies and hit em where it hurts. They have nothing I need.

I agree and I'm already doing it. I stopped buying Nike products after they jumped into politics and started using Commercial ads to lift up the likes of Colin Kaepernick as being some kind of ground breaking hero.

All I ever hear from Democrats on this debate site is pure silence when they are shown how radical pro abortion their Party has become.

You are ashamed of it yet you still vote for them. What does that say about you?