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Retard is to disabled people what nigger is to black people.

Both words are equally wrong. Don't treat a fellow human like trash.

I agree.

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I disagree.

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im neither disabled or black, so I couldnt say what they do or dont like. but regardless of what that is I of course wont call them by that given word.

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You rock. I try to avoid those words.................................................

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The word Retardation in reference to human beings represents a disorder whereby the individual suffers from a significant impairment of their intellectual and adaptive functioning.

So calling anyone a retard is a total ignorance of what it is to be disabled and is demeaning and insulting, just as ignorant and insulting as the abberation of the word negro into nigger.

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Both words are so over used that they're meaningless at this point.

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Sitar(3683) Clarified
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So it is acceptable for an able person to call a disabled person a retard? So a white person can call a black person a nigger? Both words are abusive. No attack, just some questions to clarify your stance.

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Yes agreed their both over used words. But they still have a meaning and the history behind the words Nigger and Retard is not known by a lot of people are they would not be used. And retard is not directed towards disabled people it is directed towards those mentally ill. Lets get it right. Retard was brought up first in the 1400s and it was used everyday for people with mental illnesses.

It has like nigger gotten to be used as an insult instead of what it used to mean.

Nigger was used as a way of talking to a black person whether they where enslaved or not they where refered to as a nigger.

But nigger is now used more as an insult than refeering to ones color.

So not the words in my books are meaningless and i use them both because i know their history. And all the late 90s people have messed with the history of the word retard and nigger.

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Retard is commonly used today as a way of saying someone is crazy just like someone would say your hot as hell meaning you look really good.

Nigger is commonly used to refer as it once was to a black person but with a negative attitude.

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if retard is to disabled and nigger is to black people then bitches and sluts are for white poeple

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if Retard is to disabled people what nigger is to black people then bitches and sluts are for white people

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