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Republicans say it IS Peoople will LOSE their homes
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Right wingers CLOSING loopholes.. Is your home mortgage interest deduction a loophole?

Republicans say it IS

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Peoople will LOSE their homes

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Technically a hangman's noose is a loophole. Indeed that's what they're closing on the middle and lower classes.

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Lets get down to FACTS OK?

The Democrats are doing what they always do. Distort the facts, leave out facts, fearmongering as always.

You left out very IMPORTANT PARTS!

The Republicans want to DOUBLE THE STANDARD DEDUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Republicans want to lower the tax bracket no many middle class and lower class workers to 12%.

The republicans want to increase tax credits for children in lower & middle class families.

Do you hear about these facts from the Left? NEVER! It would not fit in with their constant deceptive fearmingering lies about the GOP.

So tell me, if they doube your standard deduction to $24,000 from $12,000, would those mortgage or state tax deductions mean SQUAT?

No, to many millions of middle class families like my own, I would get a huge tax break because I could never get $24,000 worth of deductions if I itemized.

Deceptions as always.

Guess who those oss of deductions would truly hurt? The Rich because they would be the main ones with those kinds of huge deductions.

Now I do not expect any response from deceptive people whose goals are only demonizing the GOP on tax overhauls.

These GOP tax plans are huge tax breaks for the middle class yet we still hear constant chants of how the GOP, love the Rich, love the Rich, Love the Rich.

The truth is that the Left hates any tax cuts because it takes away from money that they redistribute to buy their votes.

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FromWithin(6481) Clarified
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The very poorest Americans that were mentioned in your fake news article...PAY NO TAXES!

Of course they will not recieve many tax cuts.

Like I said, I missed the facts of doubling the standard deduction, lowering the tax brackets for low and middle class families, increasing tax credits. Thanks for proving my point.

I have learned not to bother reading fake chery picked news articlles pushing one Party's talking points. I know what a $24,000 standard deduction will do for me and it is huge. I know what a 12% tax bracket will do for me and it is huge. I need not read fake news to see what I am getting.

If two people get a 5% tax cut, who would get more? The person making more and paying more taxes. Of course he would get more money back...DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Do you want me to give you an article showing the huge tax cuts for the middle class?

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The mortgage interest deduction isn't a "loophole", it's a very important rung in the American Dream ladder! If you think a (maybe) $4000 bonus from your Income Tax will help the shrinking middle class get into a home you're dumber than a trump! (oops ... stump .. my typo!). It will devastate the home building industry!

Trump is devastating the middle class while giving himself (and his family) MILLIONS! Drain the swamp! (chuckle)!

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FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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Read my response and learn!.....................................................................

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AlofRI(1863) Disputed
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Doubling the standard deduction (giving 1/2 more than now) does NOT come CLOSE to many mortgages combined with the state tax deduction. Those two alone negate the "plus" with this plan. Then they OPEN tax breaks for the 1% that amount to MILLIONS! LEARN to see through right wing doubletalk!

REALIZE that it's only the 1/2 more they are "giving", not the "double"!

"The right giveth, the right taketh away!"

Side: Peoople will LOSE their homes