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Rights of the Individual vs. The Needs of the Group

What is more important?

Individual's Rights

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Group's Needs

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if individual's thrived, wouldn't the group?

but, if you made each individual suffer just so this so called "group" can do better, how good could the group really do?

if you create a group where everyone is dependent on each other (because they focus on the needs of the group), how could they survive if one of them failed or wandered off?

if you create a group where everyone was independent and didn't need each other, they would thrive much more.

the weakest links that keep the rest of them back would die off and the stronger ones will be able to strive and work to make bigger and better things that will help society as a whole.

so yes, the rights of the individual is much more important.

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Absolutely, a group can only be as strong as its individuals.

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People are strong together and not together. though i believe that we should as an individual be strong by ourselves. As human we go through so much tragedy and we have to deal with that though it is nice to have someone there we can get there without there help as well. With all this tragedy the individuals right out way the community

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Each individual is unique and must be recognized for whomever he or she is.

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I think this is mainly based on culture. But in the end, if someone puts them self in a group situation, they really should be a team player. In such a situation, there's nothing worse than destroying the group because one person's desire to do the opposite for personal reasons. However, I will say it is circumstantial. Example, if there is a group act where everyone needs to take a shot of alcohol (for whatever the lame reason) and one of the people is a recovered alcoholic, then by all means, they may be exempt from it, regardless of how much most of the group will be mad. Overall, it's smart to think before joining in on a group. I personally, lead my life by my own will and don't like group situations for the reason I rarely do what everyone else does, so I avoid groups. But most people are not like me and they like to fit and they will do the group stuff regardless.

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Our founding father's believed that the Group Need was individual rights.

Good thing for that.

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If you make a law protecting individuals, it will always protect a group of individuals, unless it is an extremely specific law. Even if it only happened to apply to one person at the time of implementation, it will be extended to all future participants who fit that category.

And no man is an island. Individuals may use their rights irresponsibly, they may be ignorant of the effects caused by their actions, they may use their freedom to impinge the freedom of others, etc.

And finally, an efficient group simply has more time for the individuals to improve themselves and make innovation.

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People die, it is inevitable but not so for groups ...

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Individual's have to surrender some rights to become a part of a well functioning group-this is what happens when we abide by laws that keep society ticking away without too much violence or dispute... you could say that whenever someone does something that is against the law and harms others they are valuing the right's of the individual over the needs of the group. I certainly think that in society, the needs of the groups as a whole are ultimately more important that the right's of the individual, but only to a certain extent. It's like the issue between democracy and efficiency, an ongoing problem that will be a constant balancing act...

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