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Rush Limbaugh:The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

Americas first socialist failure (

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Rush is right,(wether you like him or not) Thanksgiving is(or at least was) a celebration of capitalism. THATS what they should teach in school!

(please read the link)

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Actually the first experiment in socialism (based on Limbaugh's definition) would have been the native Americans. They lived very communal style tribes where everything belonged to the group. The great warriors in most of these tribes showed their strength and superiority by giving things away. To them, it showed that they didn't need as much because they were tougher. If his story is accurate (and I have my doubts), Limbaugh is right that the Europeans could not pull off a somewhat socialistic society. This is most likely because they were raised in a predominately materialistic society.

I would also like to state that there may be some truth in the story as presented in the article, but I highly doubt that the actual story is actually one big simplistic parable showing the benefits of capitalism.

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"Actually the first experiment in socialism (based on Limbaugh's definition) would have been the native Americans. They lived very communal style tribes where everything belonged to the group."

And look how far socialism got the native Americans.

I'm against anything that makes this country more socialist. We should be headed in the opposite direction, running and screaming! I don't like the socialist boogieman. ;)

BTW, Rush is right. Everything else is leftist and wrong. ;)

Actually, the link wasn't working when I tried it so I'm just talking out my ass. I figure, just pick a side and be done with it. No matter what I pick, someone will find fault with it ;)

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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Alright then explain to me the complete true story of thanksgiving. Whats more true the article or what is being taught in school?

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Only Rush could turn Thanksgiving into a "kill all liberals" battle cry.

1. Liberals aren't socialists, neither are dems.

2. I promise you no one at the dinner table was talking about capitalism, or socialism.

3. Rush Limbough ate all the turkey's so Thanksgiving was cancelled this year. Sorry kids.

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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Oh come on, it has nothing to do with liberals (or killing them) its about failed socialism and the success of capitalism.

I find it interesting that liberals take such offense to this.


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iamdavidh(4871) Disputed
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I actually argue this point all the time.

Rush insinuates constantly that liberals and democrats are socialists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Infact, by most developed democratic (loosely defining democratic, because technically we're not a democracy) socities standards, American Liberal = populist, American Conservative = Centalist (give or take an issue.) No party in America even closely resembles anything that could drunkenly be mistaken as socialist.

It's a recurring scare tactic perpetuated by foaming at he mouth hate-mongers such as Rush in the hopes that any "conservative" will simply dismiss any even liberal leaning idea as socialist lunacy.

That said. Rush makes no point that is not specifically tailored to divide this country into conservative/liberal, and turn one against the other. If there are not Conservatives willing to not only disagree with liberals, but hate liberals, than he has no audience.

He is a disease, and hopefully you'll see that eventually. Or hopefully you already do, but just wanted to start and interesting debate :)

Believe me, when Rush says "socialist" what he is saying to his audience is "liberal." He's not talking about China or Russia in his demented and perverse understanding of an altruistic if not perhaps hypocritical holiday, he is talking about one side of America vs. another. Nothing else. If the whole world were Conservative, he would find some other division to exploit.

One hundred years ago, Rush would have been selling "snake oil" to heal your ails, and blaming your allergies on forest nymphs. Don't fall for that fat man's B.S.

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Wow. Are you sure you want to go with that?

Let's see. Pilgrims. Bitter religious-right wingnuts that got kicked out of England after they got involved in an assassination attempt against the King.

They go to the last place on Earth, New England, and come so unprepared that they almost starve to death because their farming skills are so lacking. Jeez, it sounds more like the Jonestown Massacre than something the Republican party would want to champion as their own.

In America, they brutalized their own whenever there was any dissent. Wow. Just like televangelists and the Baptists today! Ah! Now I see why he keeps repeating this idiotic argument.

Go do some due diligence Rush supporters. Go take the time to actually learn something about the Pilgrims. Nasty bunch.

And their repayment for all the help from the local First Americans? Yes! War! Massacre! God must have been SO pleased.

By the way Jake. As a reformed conservative Republican, now a liberal Democrat, I can tell you that he's been telling that same stale tale about the Pilgrims since, oh, let me remember, you were about ... hmm. Not born yet? Yes, I remember that story being told every year when I listened to him since about the mid 80's.

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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Its not a story its historical fact, are you saying its not true?

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