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At that time I could groove to about anything, but then, I could hear the words, feel the beat. Today, the words are indecipherable behind the noise, and I can't figure out the beat. Hammer, wherefore the hell art thou?? Rock-on!

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Words are a problem for GRANDPAW and the FUCKIN IDIOT just admitted it !!!!!!!!!! GODDAMN AL did you need to expose your FUCKIN IGNORANCE ??????

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AlofRI(2816) Clarified
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How 'bout you?? Do YOU know any GOOD words?? Have you EVER said anything "nice"?? You should read the Bible more! It has nicer words like, FORNICATE & THOU!

There, isn't that better?? :-)

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lojijajaxi(1) Disputed
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Mingiwuwu doesn't even use the site anymore

2 to nothing on, that is the score

you little salty bitch, why do you act like a whore?

check the analysis, you'll see how your defense was just poor

I know it damaged you in your core

your egos hurting despite what you told me before

you lost your respect for me? how can I have respect for you

always accusing me of doing shit that I never do

meanwhile I'm the one who showed my name and my face

invited you into my circle, almost gave you a place

I should have known that Nomenclatures a snake

instead of changing the fate

of the human race you'd rather play with your wank

stay in the basement, keep creating debates

keep wasting away waging a fake

crusade on a dead forum no one engages of late

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