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Sanctuary Cities. GOOD - BAD

Who is right about cities who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration law?
Here are some pro's and con's

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Laws should be followed. If you don't think their right, change them. In the meantime, all cities should comply.

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There are two extreme and opposite positions here.

The reasonable solution is in between.

1. Build the wall to stop the illegal immigration.

2. Deport all illegals who commit serious crimes.

3. 5 - 10 - and 15 year prison sentences for returning deportees.

4. Let the rest stay, give them visas, let them pay taxes. No vote.

5. Those who wish, may take their proper place in line and apply for citizenship.

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In general I agree with your 5 steps. My only question is whether the existence of "sanctuary cities" necessarily conflicts with those steps, because they're not sanctuaries forever and ever, just while steps 1 through 5 work themselves out?

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daver(1771) Clarified
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I'd say that #2 is hindered by sanctuary cities.

I should kinda mentioned ending SC as a necessary step. 😋

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Mint_tea(3490) Clarified
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I think you make some fine points, specifically 4 and 5, which in my opinion would be very beneficial for this economy and its people. My main concerns with 1-3 would be the cost of both deportation, building the wall and keeping people in prisons. I think creating a form of visa that would get them to pay taxes would help cover some of the cost but not all however giving them an opportunity to apply for citizenship without fear of deportation would drastically decrease the amount of illegals here.

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As soon as you said they will not be able to vote, you lost all these corrupt Democrat politicians who want the ilegal immigrant votes. That is their end goal to why they never did anything to stop illegal immigration.

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I don't know whether they're good or bad but illegal immigrants are a vital part of the US economy and always have been , although this is always denied by people who use them for cheap labour .

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outlaw60(12689) Disputed
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People illegally in a country are good for an economy ? Where did you come up with such nonsense ?

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Dermot(5499) Disputed
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I forgot you're the resident trailer thrash American who's home schooled by grandma and your education stops there ...

Your own US state department has a lot to say on it ; how do you keep getting things consistently wrong ?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that, “about half of the hired workers employed in U.S. crop agriculture were unauthorized, with the overwhelming majority of these workers coming from Mexico.” The USDA has also warned that, “any potential immigration reform could have significant impacts on the U.S. fruit and vegetable industry.” From the perspective of National Milk Producers Federation in 2009, retail milk prices would increase by 61 percent if its immigrant labor force were to be eliminated.

Echoing the Department of Labor, the USDA, and the National Milk Producers Federation, agricultural labor economist James S. Holt made the following statement to Congress in 2007: “The reality, however, is that if we deported a substantial number of undocumented farm workers, there would be a tremendous labor shortage.”

In terms of overall numbers, The Department of Labor reports that of the 2.5 million farm workers in the U.S., over half (53 percent) are illegal immigrants. Growers and labor unions put this figure at 70 percent.

OUCH , you truly are a thick fuck , do you ever research anything ?

The nonsense I come up with comes from The pew research centre which a fair proportion of educated people do tend to accept as pretty accurate :)

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