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Satan or God?

Who is better? The creator of the universe or the one responsible for all it's woes? well actually since God created Satan does that mean everything Satan does is God's fault? I don't know, that's why I created this debate! Is God a loving creator or a malicious tyrant? Is Satan a lowly deceiver or a righteous rebel? I am an agnostic who wants to see theists and deists battle it out with atheists and satanists.


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Satanism is worshiping the self as god.

Faith in God is faith in The Supreme and Ultimate Reality.

I have more faith in The Supreme and Ultimate Reality than I do in my fallible self.

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It does not sound right when you call Satan a 'righteous' rebel , Satan wants to kill and God lets it , If Satan does not ask for it then there is no reason for God to say yes or no to him(or is there?) . God told us not to fear and give us words that endure "Perfect love cast out fear""God is for you, it does not matter who will be against you" not even death God is for you if there is an after life then maybe God will put you to a place where pure love exist if you love God, he wants us good to have good and be with good(Himself) 'God is Love' so I think He loves everyone including Satan, from righteous to sinners. Death is not stronger than God so let God and Jesus be your shield. Jesus and God is for you

God is not a malicious tryant that will trick you, He shows his plan but I don't think you will know, God is willing and able , you maybe cannot be able or not but are you willing? He is giving you good things but are you not being wise at good and innocent at bad? Do you give your wealth to the poor so there is no more people with an empty stomach? God can grow plants and give them they're food but the question is are you willing? Since God loves you and 'He's love never fails' why not to ask him and 'cast your anxiety to him because he cares'? God moves maybe you don't want to recognize but whatever who you are, God is unchangeable, He is love, God loves you. 'Jesus loves you'

God is a loving creator maybe more than that Love(God) created you, Love(God) makes you live.

But I can't ignore how the bible says about the rebellious daughter or son that they 'should be stoned to death' but that does not mean Human shall do it God forbidds to kill , the vengeance is at Lord's hand, and 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' , I think I will broke that second greatest commandment if I kill someone even in mind. Jesus claims to love us. Like God tell us to love one another and it is much greater than sacrifice, All the commandments as the bible says are into 'Love thy neighbour as thyself'so I don't think no one should be killed as 'thou shalt not kill', and thou shalt not kill' I guess is more loving than 'should be stoned to death'.. It's just strange how God is wrathful but He wants all good for us. So it is better to love God so we can love others, to love others We need to be loved so here we are Jesus, God love us. By the way thank you holy spirit.

I don't hear about Satan at all times but I might say he disagree on God.

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I realise we are talking about fictional characters but nonetheless let's put the record straight .

The fictional god that Christians worship is an evil god ; Christians are no different than people who adore Stalin , Mao or Hitler as they do the very same dance to justify their fictional gods actions as he ranks right up there with histories most infamous mass murderers .

Poor old Satan got a bad rap and what a great P R job done by Christians on the mass murdering god ; Satan has been branded as the embodiment of evil which begs the question what does that make the Christian god ? Here is Satans pathetic list of killings .....

Satans kills ....

Sarah, wife of Abraham. Satan felt that Sarah had been too doubtful of God when she internally laughed at his foretelling of her birthing of Isaac. Her death came about by Cardiac arrest , it's not even real instance of Satan killing someone Strictly speaking, this was an inadvertent, rather than intentional, homicide. Even though this Genesis chapter is about Sarah's death, its Hebrew title translates to "Life of Sarah."

Satan seeks and gets Gods permission for killing Jobs family ....

Job's wife, children, and servants (who were possibly slaves). Satan thought Job wasn't as good as he looked and when trouble and death came he would renounce his belief so God told him he could test him. God allowed Satan to kill Job's children and servants to test Job in order to see how righteous he was, for no other particular reason, without thinking about the people who died, treating them as merely confiscated possessions.

All killings had to be sanctioned by God which he gladly gave permission for and indeed totally approved of .

Gods killings and methods ,

God is pretty inventive when carrying out slaughter he uses famine , war , disease , pestillance , infanticide etc ,etc ,

Biblical estimates for Gods carnage counting the flood is around 28 million ( low estimate ) , but of course God is the good guy right ? 😳😳😳

Crimes committed by Satan were contract killings sanctioned by god .

An interesting tit bit about Satan from Wiki ........

] It should be noted here that many theologians don't even identify the Adversary from the Book of Job with Satan — the grammar of the Hebrew lacks the preceding article that would ordinarily identify him as "Ha-Satan", which means The Accuser as opposed to "Satan."; and instead the common view is that the antagonist of Job is another deity, a holdover from polytheistic times.[2] Alternatively, this "Ha-Satan" may be the angel Sammael, whose name means "Venom of God", who acted as God's prosecution lawyer, testing humanity's fidelity to God. Why God would need to test you when allegedly He already knows every fucking thing about you is yet another mystery. Maybe as Satan himself says in The Devil's Advocate, he's a tight-ass and a sadist (great movie by the way).

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Satan was an invention of the catholic church. You need a good antagonist to sell a story.

I'm an atheist so I don't believe that there is a God or a Satan, but I do believe there is evil and the greatest evil known to mankind is religion.

Look at it another way. Let's assume for the sake of the argument that there is an invisible Giant-in-the-sky God who watches over us all. He watches over us while we kill and maim each other by the hundreds of millions, often in HIS name.

He watches over us while untold suffering goes on, while millions perish from famine and disease. He watches over us while babies are born with horrible birth defects, while innocent people are murdered every day as others die slowly from terrible cancers.

Do you really want somebody like that watching over you?

I'm pretty sure I'm better off on my own.

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Adding on to that, there is the age old philisophical debate 'If God is all powerful, then he cannot be all good." God as seen in modern religion is all powerful, and what you said just proves that if he exists, depending on your point of view, he cannot be all good. No one is 100% goo or 100% evil, though some may seem like it.