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 School choice... ask yourself why the Democrat Party is always against it. (5)

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School choice... ask yourself why the Democrat Party is always against it.

The most important thing we could do to improve our schools is to allow school choice.

The Democrat Party is always against school choice because choice means competition to their failing public schools. School choice allows private schools to grow in size and numbers because parents could better afford sending their children to great schools that actually teach kids the basics.

Remember when Democrats were big on stopping segregation, saying it would bring diversity of people together, and in doing so improving relations?

So ask yourself why the Left today is so big on segregating poor families from wealthier families. Why is it the Left wants to keep poorer families tied to failed public schools, preventing parents from sending our children to the best schools possible, regardless income.

It's all about a big Federal Government Teacher's union funneling our children into public schools, making sure they all learn the politically correct way of thinking.

Competition always brings out the best in any business. School choice would force failing schools to improve and show results. Parents should have a right to pick the best school just as we do the best cell phone.

Have you noticed all the innovations to cell phones each year? This is a direct result of competition for our business! Better schools should also be allowed to compete to bring out the best innovations for teaching our children.

The Democrat Party's opposition of school choice is tantamount to allowing a monopoly for one cell phone maker.
Without competition, imagine what your phone could not do. Same with our schools!

The rest of the world is winning the battle when it comes to our children's education. America is living in the dark ages when it comes to school performance and teaching the basics of Math, English, Science.
The Left want's your child to know how to spell LGBTQ before the alphabet! There lies the problem!
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It's funny how the Left is big on choice for other things, but for our children's education? NO CHOICE!

We must all be forced to pay school taxes to Uncle Sam, while also paying for private school tuition's.

How about allowing our school taxes to be paid towards the school of our choice?

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First of all, the federal govt. provides less than a dime on a dollar, the rest is local and state money.

When any level of govt. allows any funding or tax benefits at all for private schools, they are not following the constitution (religious based) and it takes funding from public schools.

Furthermore, far too many private schools are not academically better than public schools.

FromWithin(7467) Disputed
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I forgot to say how the main reason behind the Left's opposition to school choice is their animosity towards religion. You just proved that fact.

When any level of Government forces families to put their children in failed schools, there is a huge problem.

The Constitution says nothing about denying funding to a school based on a religious affiliation. The Constitution says our Government can not be a Theocracy and force every school to be religious based. HUGE DIFFERENCE, and it is pathetic how the Left has twisted the Constitution's meaning to fit their bigotry towards religious freedom.

Why are Democrats against Charter schools when they have proven to work? The Left wants complete Government control of our impressionable children's minds.

Newsflash, religious parents have a right to send their children to schools of their choice. They also pay school taxes and it's funny how the greedy Government has no problem forcing them to pay taxes towards public schools even though many of these parents do not send their kids to public schools.

The Government has no problem taking school tax dollars from religious families. Where's so called separation of Church and State when it comes to taking our money we need for private schools? Funny how separation only works one way... the Left's way.

Pedestrian(154) Disputed
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Well you are wrong about my thread. Charter schools and religious schools are private not superior to public schools and deserve no funding or tax benefits.

Why doesn't every single 'religion' get a tax break and benefits ? None should get it.

People are free to believe what they want but none are deserving of any special breaks or favors.

I could more easily say that it is as much about religious discrimination and yes, racial too for parents to send their kids to a private school.