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Scientific proof that Nom is a moron

So right

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People study journalism because it's easier than Physics, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and pretty much every other subject on Earth. You just have to be a schemer, spinner and liar to be a "good" journalist.

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So Conservanazi is a journalist? Who does he write for, "Jew watch magazine" ?

I searched for "jew watch" and found a site that Nom probably visits frequently, it appears to be an anti-zionist communist website.

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Conservenazi(38) Disputed
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I lick my nuts and anus like a panting dog. I like to fondle toddlers and cats.

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Unbridled proof that Nom is completely and criminally insane. I'll need to now go wash my hands.

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Your obsession with him proves that Nom has taken your mind. He owns you.

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outlaw60(13993) Disputed
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Brain Function has become a full blown challenge for the Leftist !

Let's get into that !

When Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stopped by The View Tuesday morning, there was one topic they had to get out of the way right off of the bat: What President Trump referred to as his “fake tears” over the administration’s travel ban last month.

“We brought tissues just in case you start to tear up, because you never know,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg said, before asking Schumer, “Is there anything you want to tell him now?”

“Well, he doesn't know me,” Schumer said of Trump. “He says he knows me. I get tearful. My daughter's wedding, I could hardly contain it in. When Harry Reid stepped down and here's what my family knows — who remembers the movie Free Willy?” When you admit to tearing up at that 1993 film about the plight of a whale, you’re kind of allowing that it doesn’t take much to make you cry.

LMMFAO a travel ban has something to do with a whale ?????????????????????????

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How does polishing Trump's cock help you in life you stupid, salivating swamp dweller?


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