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 Scientists Are Putting Antibiotics Into The Ocean - what could go wrong? (9)

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Scientists Are Putting Antibiotics Into The Ocean - what could go wrong?

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Doctors have been over-prescribing antibiotics for years and have inadvertently forced bacteria to evolve to the point where the antibiotics are no longer effective. These "super bugs" are extremely deadly. By putting antibiotics in the oceans, they will expedite the problem.

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I'll troll you, then you troll me, then we'll have your people troll my people, and my people troll your people.

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Actually the biggest contributors to antibiotic and antibacerial substances in oceans and rivers are antibiotics used by farmers, and the everyday use of antibacterial chemicals in the home (which inevitably end up down the drain).

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The antibiotics in the ocean are contributing to the gay animals like sharks and that is the reason the female sharks are dying in massive numbers. You are aware of that ??????

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Have you done water test in the ocean to backup your antibiotic and antibacterial claims that you have made ?????? Speak up there ocean engineer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are aware that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is dumping PRODUCED SALTWATER from oil and gas production back into the ocean ??????? And by the way that OVERBOARD water is being treated with PETROLEUM products !!!!!!!!! BOY you have no clue what happens in REAL LIFE because you live in a BUBBLE of STUPIDITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Switched over to your rusticus puppet account, eh nom?

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Outlaw: Bronotraptor.

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