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 Seriously, what's so bad about gay people? (54)

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Seriously, what's so bad about gay people?

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Nothing is bad about a person being gay. It isn't a gateway for child molesters or bestiality, as some people claim it to be. It's simply a choice of partners and as long as it's consenting adults then there's nothing really bad about it.

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They're born with their deviant sexual orientation so there is nothing inherently bad about them due to their unnatural condition.

They have become accepted by almost everyone but alienate themselves from normal folk by grandstanding their abnormal condition with endless carnival type displays of Gay Pride' parades and their incessant harping about Gay Rights and equal opportunities for gays.

Why can't they go about their everyday business like everyone else and cease from yelling about their sexuality.

There wasn't a problem until they started claiming there were 50 genders, and wanted confused men to be allowed in the little girls' room, and then demanded society accept this as true and normal.

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Nothing. The voices frantically trying to suppress or hide or eliminate them are dreaming up reasons which have no basis in reality. Gays contribute in all the same ways to society that straights do. And virtually all sex no matter what preference you are occurs in private behind closed doors, so that's no reason to say they're bad either.

Look back at hysteria against women voting and civil rights and you'll say all the same baseless bull. It's all dreamed up and drummed up. And that includes the religious arguments. Because folks, the Bible has been quoted to try to put women and people of color in their places, too.

FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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The hypocrite speaks again, piously preaching to what Christians stand for while he supports killing even viable special needs babies for any reason up to birth.

Newsflash, Christians supports saving the lives of viable special needs babies as well as all innocent unborn babies. Do we ever hear word one from your hypocritical mouth about the good Christians support? Nah, your intolerant closed minded hatred for Christians is sickening.

Go back into your hypocritical cve, and spew your denials to the stone walls.

Narek(89) Clarified
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The hypocrite speaks again

Correct you did speak again.

Go back into your hypocritical cve, and spew your denials to the stone walls.

Your projection is amazing to behold at times.

mrcatsam(503) Clarified
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Newsflash! You're changing the subject! Talk normally,will you?

Seriously, you are showing your total ignorance to what this controversial issue has been about for decades, to ask such a lame question.

There is nothing bad about Gay people. They simply have an unnaturral abnormal attraction to the same sex. Were it not for the Leftwing and Gay activist groups trying to force everyone to sanction it as normal, most of us would be getting along just fine today.

Here is why this issue is alive and well after many generations. Maybe you forget that Gay activists have sued Churches to force them to have Gay Sunday school teachers. They are trying to twist the Christian faith to sanction Homosexuality as no longer being a sin.

Maybe you missed where every single State has been forced against the people's will in those States to change their marriage laws to include Gay marriage.

Maybe you have missed where Gay groups have wormed their way into our public schools and have had Gay appreciation days for all the chidren to be indoctrinated with.

Are you starting to get the obvious point?

It's not about Gays being bad people. It's about Gay activists and Leftwing Politicians forcing everyone to believe that Homosexuality is a normal natural sexual orrientation.

They spend every waking minute trying to make sure all our children are brainwashed into this political correct belief.

What this nation needs is to be color blind where no one needs to mention a person's color or race to get a job.

We need to have no mention of what a person does in the bedroom. The subject of being Gay should be no part of any conversation in our schools, jobs, etc. etc.

If activist Gays and the Political Left stop pushing their agendas on us all, we will all get along just fine.

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its against nature, as simple as that. if this is the question now, later people will start asking... whats so bad about having abortion? or whats so bad about hitting a kid? or what so bad about cheating? i don't support the discrimination against people just coz they r gay, they are as much human beings as you or i, but that doesn't mean its right. the primary reason why people argue against being gay is because it goes against the natural laws of procreation and moral laws of raising a family with both mother and father present. true gay people do adopt kids but it is a universally accepted fact that a mother is needed by the child foremost.

seanB(545) Disputed
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its against nature, as simple as that.

More than 1,500 species (and research has barely begun) have been shown to display homosexuality. Nature, it seems, doesn't agree with you.

whats so bad about having abortion?

This is a different issue, and ought to be debated within its own context. There is no correlation between abortion and homosexuality.

or whats so bad about hitting a kid?

Again, no correlation. You're just listing things you think are bad and then trying to tell us that if we allow homosexuality, we risk allowing all these things, too.

NEWSFLASH: These other things already happen. There are plenty of gay folks who think abortion is a bad thing. There are plenty of gay folks who believe that hitting kids is immoral.

If you don't support discrimination against gay people, then why are you trying to vilify by placing it in the same class as abortion or child abuse? That right there is a helluva justification for discrimination against gay people in the first place.

Natural laws of procreation

Nature is nature. Whatever exists living in the world, is PART of nature. That includes homosexual humans and buggering bonobos.

a mother is needed by the child foremost

Not a mother, a caregiver. That caregiver doesn't even have to be female. There are plenty of single dads out there.

Mack(535) Disputed
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"If this is the question now, later people will start asking... Whats so bad about having abortion? or whats so bad about hitting a kid? or what so bad about cheating?"

These are all valid questions. No questions are off limits, especially in the realm of philosophy.

Also, why should we follow the laws of nature?

mrcatsam(503) Disputed
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My best friend is the child of two gay men, and he is a perfectly bright, intelligent young man. He sees his mother a lot, and his parents have opened his mind to the fact that there are people different than him. He says he's straight, so the theory that gays create more gays is ludicrous.

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"Seriously, what's so bad about gay people?"

You asked the question so you answer it if it is that serious to you !

Absolutely nothing. The people whom preach hatred for homosexuals are, quite simply, afraid of anything different to themselves.

They can't understand why someone could have different preferences to them, and they don't try to understand, because ignorance is bliss.

It's like a die hard Star Wars fan, who hates Star Trek, meeting a die hard Star Trek fan, who still likes Star Wars. The Star Wars fan can't understand why anyone would prefer Star Trek over their personal obsession and will insult and belittle the Star Trek fan for having an "inferior" taste.

The Star Trek fan, on the other hand, prefers ST but still likes SW and so can understand why the other person prefers SW. The ST fan just isn't very interested in it themselves.

(I actually prefer Star Wars, by the way, this wasn't intended as a low-key nerd bashing argument)

FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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ROFLOL, you say..... "The people whom preach hatred for homosexuals are, quite simply, afraid of anything different to themselves."

Can your mindless ignorance to your hideous hypocrisy grasp that you support killing viable special needs babies (Down syndrome special olympic kids) for simply being different from yourself, when you vote for the Democrat party that supports it?

It truly is a waste of time debating such inhuman hypocrites as yourself.

NicolasCage(506) Disputed
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The patients really have been let out of the madhouse today. You, bront and outlaw should make a super villain team; you'd give the Joker a run for his money.

First of all, why are you derailing the topic? This debate has nothing to do with the abortion of the physically handicapped, and you haven't even attempted to answer the main debate topic or my reply to it.

Secondly, I have never nor shall I ever "vote democrat" in my entire life, nor do I support the abortion of the disabled past a certain point unless there is a direct risk to the woman's health and wellbeing.

If it is a waste of time debating me, then why are you replying to me with a pile of complete incoherent nonsense which is totally irrelevant to the debate itself?

Either learn how to debate properly, or delete your account.

Narek(89) Disputed
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treat others as you would have them treat you