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DragonBorn(279) pic

Sexiest man alive contest




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I kind of remind myself of a lighter haired Jon Snow in that picture.

Mingiwuwu kind of reminds me of Eliot Rodgers crossed with a chinese porn salesman.

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A looks contest between dumb and dumber or ug and uglier , the first guy looks like the neigbourhood meth head who rummages through bins for his daily meal , this type always dates the local porker as he smells as most homeless do

The second guy has the same empty headed vacant stare and they’re posssibly related

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DragonBorn(279) Disputed
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I am beautiful, I look like an angelic demi-god. I look like Jon George Washington Jesus Snow had a baby with Lucifer before he fell from heaven.

Mingiwuwu looks like a chinese Mycroft who lets his drunk step-sister cut his hair.

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